There's no such thing as moderate Islam. You're either a Muslim (an intolerant and violent in though and action) or you're what Muhammad called himself, hypocrites. There's no such thing as promoting peace in Islam, it does but divide even their own people. Sunni Islam is by far the most vile practice of this religion. They're told to lie for Islam's sake. And their only goal in this life is to conquer the world with this totalitarian, intolerant, violent, hateful, genocidal and sexist (more than any other religion) ideology. You can't be a good person and be a real Muslim too, it's just conflictual. Usually those good people cherry pick what is in Islam and say ignorant things like it's a religion of peace. Look in the comments, how much pissed Muslims cursed those who don't share their ideology. Radical Islam is getting bigger and bigger. One day, when radical Islam will be the vast majority, you will realize that this is the most disgusting religion of all. Stupid brainwashed ...more

Most Muslims (especially in the western civilizations) are good people, but the religion (Islam) influences way too many radicals and extremism. It also has sexist rules for women that disallow them from marrying a non-Muslim or to what religion to raise their children in. Islam does not offer freedom of religion or freedom of speech. many Muslims are too concerned with criticism of their religion, deny any flaw in Islam, and want to force it on to many people. People say Islam is the religion of peace, however, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a peaceful person (ex. siege of medina and mecca).

If you read some of these comments you will see why many people (especially atheists) criticize Islam, even Buddhist monks in the world today are acting out against it in their own countries. Islam is a lot like Christianity: they have similar beliefs and are both very flawed. Christianity has a horrible past but nowadays it has gotten a lot better and peaceful. Islamic countries ...more

Islam isn't really a religion. It's more of a socio-political ideology that seeks to control every aspect of an adherent's life. It also aspires to impose its rules on non-believers. Its insistence on total submission prevents people from developing their logic by questioning its tenets. If people are not allowed to think freely, they will never find truth. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this ideology is its absurd belief that the Quaran is the immutable word of God. There are no benevolent warlords, and a system of beliefs that is founded on the actions of one such warlord cannot be a path to salvation and righteousness in the modern world. Moreover, the disrespect for human intellect, and human life that are manifest in the Quran's dubious teachings clearly demonstrate that this book is of human origin. It paints the story of an emotionnally unstable Mohammed, who is at times driven by lust, greed and a desire for revenge. These are scarcely the qualities of a model citizen.

I used to think Islam was probably one of the dumbest religions in the world but I knew I didn't know all the facts, so I decided to watch Little Mosque on Hulu. Now I am more certain than ever that Islam is the dumbest religion ever. These people really need to get with modern times for real.

To the Muslims, I respectfully ask you to read your own scriptures (and Hadiths) and learn about the concept of extortion, stoning, kidnapping and raping women from other cultures (war is not an excuse - there is no honor or glory in destroying other cultures). Imagine yourselves as the 'infidel' who is the victim of these so-called scriptures. Put your family in the place of these victims. Look at Islam from the world of an outsider.

Muslims close there eyes to brutality & terrorism done by their followers.
And say its religion of peace.

Not only today. Check out the whole history of Islam its built by destroying
Its an negative religion of destruction

Why is Islam getting all the hate here guys? I would expect to see Satanism up on the top or Scientology but Islam. The religion itself is very moral but the idiots who use it in their own way are immoral. It's not really about the people that follow, it's about the religion itself. Same reason for Christianity. The stupid stuff Christians did does not mean the religion is dumb, just the followers. You have to understand the basic idea of the religion to really truly say if it is a dumb religion. Try Pastafarianism, they believe in the flying spaghetti monster.

This religion should be at the top dumb because eventhough they say it is a religion of peace, it is the complete opposite.They have terrorists that destroy countries and girls do not have free lives, they also have to cover their faces.

Homosexuals are sentenced to death, pot heads are sentenced to death, islam offenders are sentenced to death, you are not allowed to masturbate, no pig meat, Girls are not allowed to show their face, in Saudi Arabia, women can not even write Dr as a title even though become educated.

ISIS is the proof of what Islam is all about. All the terrorist activities are born in this religion...

ISIS and all other groups who are terrorizing people has nothing to do with Islam...

They all are faithless & trained terrorists just to bring bad name on Islam...

The word Islam itself is derived from word SALAM which means PEACE...

Not every Muslim is a terrorist. ISIS is another religion. The people that learn this religion was been taught by Jewish people. So they become terrorist.

To the brainwashed idiot, Islam does not mean peace... It means submission. Know your religion dumbass.

The Islamic religion tells them to kill everyone eels that doesn't belive the in the same religion I'm glad it's number one

All religion that believes in God are stupid. There is no god. It is only a character created by insecure human to be their guardian throughout their life. It is a good thing at first, but then people become fanatics and blinded by their own belief system.. I hope people will soon come to their sense and realize it and there will be no fight or war because of all this stupid religion.

I am a person to respect peoples religions, but I hate people that judge one group or body with one stereotype, I hate to say it, but it's mostly Christians that do this, people do it because they want to choose one group to blame everything on so they can feel good about themselves. there is good and bad in every religion.

How is this number one?! Some idiot these people are that voted for Islam. MUSLIMS DO NOT KILL MEMBERS OF DIFFERENT RELIGIONS OR ENFORCE THEIR RELIGION. Just because ISIS is Islam-based does NOT IN ANY WAY mean that ALL MUSLIMS are bad people that kill and enforce their religion. It's like saying voting a certain person for president is "retarded". Wow. Just wow. - iLuc

I'm a Hindu and if they have a culture they have a culture of attacks. Religions are supposed to give love but Islam is a about attacks. And once again I'm an Hindu which lives in America

Do you call this is a religion? The greatest virtue of this religion is violence and hate towards non-Muslims. Intact this religion itself based on violence. It doesn't teach harmony, peace, love which every living beings except.

Worst religion in the world which doesn't allows people to live with humanity.

Good to see that there are some Muslim brothers you really think that there are some Muslim culprits responsible for everything... question is why don't the entire community come together and boycott them... ?

It is also a fact that is seen in history that the Muslims have just bought HATRED, UNHAPPINESS AND DISTRUCTION to LOVE, JOY AND DEVELOPMENT...

It's not true. In fact, Islam is the religion that shows as LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY and PEACE. If you judge religions like that, you just mock your religion as well. Because your heart is unhappy and you think that Islam is the cause of your despair.

Everything about this brainwashed cult is so mind numbingly stupid

These religions are only dumb if YOU'RE not the one practising them but to the people who do, they are not dunb at all. It's ignorance and intolerance that make them dunb - not the actual religion itself. Yes, I agree some seem a little far-fetched but If someone believes in it, what's dumb about it? - Britgirl

What is wrong with you people?! Why can't you just respect people's beliefs? It doesn't matter whether someone is Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, or Hindu, it just matters that you treat others kindly and don't value your needs above others, and that isn't determined by who you worship. This list is sick.

Muslims want to kill all non Muslims for the Allah they haven't even seen. Why didn't Mohammad want his picture to be painted? Because he never existed. Islam is just a movement to spread Arabic culture in the world.

Islam is not a religion but a political and social madness doctrine. proof = all Islamic countries are unstable.

If bin laden and Isis and all those other duche bags aren't Muslim then what are they after they cut off those poor reporters heads they scream all hail Allan or what ever his name is

The left is blind to the fact that isis practices Islam. The way they do it is not a perversion, simply a different way to practice it.