Top Ten Dumbest Religions

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21 Baptist

Is this even a religion? - impeepol

What even?

NOT a religion

22 Pastafarianism

The Universe is a bowl of spaghetti!

There is no god but Fregula and Fusilli is his messenger.

Thees is meh relijun n dunt aprectate ya bod words

23 Taoism
24 Roman Catholicism

I've been a proud Catholic all of my life.. I met my best friend there, I met friendly people and priests, its AMAZING. I haven't met a single person at my church that's insulted me whatsoever.

That's rude because I'm a Catholic and we respect - 10Lister

I'm sorry if anyone offended you. If it's any consolation My religion made it into the top ten list. I may not be catholic but I assure you that my religion, Christianity, is just as much to be said to be stupid as your religion. People are cruel jerks but just remember where those people will be going when they die. I would personally pity people who are destined to have such an awful fate. Just remember that God will reward you for your faith in him.

You have to be crazy to see what the church has done in the past and still believe it has any religious authority. Probably the only religion/sect that I completely don't understand.

I hate you who put this on thislist

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25 Iglesia ni Cristo
26 LaVeyan Satanism
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