Top Ten Dumbest Reasons for People to Hate People Who Listen to Rock

These people are dumb, they say stupid stuff about us and its not right.

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1 They are from the devil

OH HELL NO! I hate girly people who say that.

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK! We salute you anyways! It ain't noise pollution and guess what! Let there be rock!

No verse in the bible ever said anything about rock music. Matter of fact a guy danced naked banging drums together as loud as he could to please god, so those annoying over religious people need to shut up.

They are so gross

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2 It makes them emo

I actually lover Rock music and I'm the only one I know that's emo cause it. - MrQuaz680

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3 They dont like rap, pop ect.

Rap and pop are just STUPID! I do not know how people like pop and rap better that 1980 rock. Also I'm 11 and I like rock. So silly

How are rap and pop anything like rock? Rock isn't my favourite genre, but to say you don't like it because of that is simply idiotic. - PositronWildhawk

Rap makes kids even worse

Metal fans could be open-minded. Hating them because of that reason is like a Directioner who says "I hate you because you don't like/hate 1D! "

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4 They are crazy

They can be one of the coolest people.

Crazy in a good way!

5 They are depressed

This is so wrong. My brother lives, eats, breathes all forms of metal music and he's one of the most laid back, happiest (if a little annoying) people I know. - Britgirl

My mom listens to it and she's happy.

Actually the rock music that I listen to (mostly AC/DC) lifts up my spirits sometimes when I'm down.

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6 They have bad music likes

OH WOW! Avenged Sevenfold made a lot of fans this year.

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7 They have mental issues

Justin Bieber fans have mental issues.

Just because we love rock

Well, briber fans cut, and microwave cats while worshiping their lord who pisses in mop buckets

You see a difference if you first Google 1D fangirl and BvB fangirl...why do you think rockstars can take selfies with fans and 1D cannot...

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8 They are communicating with the devil

No they like him then when drugs nearly kill them they find out god is real you want go to hell if you listen to rock you just don't sin like they do I'm a son of god and I like rock n roll screw those stupid pop and rap lovers and when they listen to rap all they talk about is sex and man that's just bad but that's how life is and we just have to deal with it

9 They are noisy when they listen to it

Its supposed to be noisy, its Its supposed to be Loud, Its supposed to be Dangerous, Its supposed to be Sexy - RustyNail

I do not throw him the Rock, but do not understand how people listen so hard and not go deaf

Because you can enjoy it that way!

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10 Satanic messages hidden in rock songs when played backwards

Why the hell do people play songs backwards anyway? They take the first song that comes to their heads, play it backwards, and find some sort of satanic message in there. Why the hell do you play songs backwards anyway? They were meant to be played normally, thank you very much. - SlimVeggie

That's not true, just something that has risen years opon years ago, trust me its not true. And anyway, WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PLAY MUSIC BACKWARDS - RustyNail

The only time I ever heard this EVER was in Revolution 9 by The Beatles... - kaitlynrad11

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11 They think their music is better than everyone else's

Horrible reason, I would say it is true for real, but I'm not sure - RustyNail

Actually, I've seen this happen with quite a few rock/metal fans.

Ok actually this is true but it's because it IS better

12 They just dress in black

Its not like it's the end of the world.

And this is a bad thing because...

Not all of rockers wear black... Example? Linkin Park, they're neat as heck...

13 Rock turns people into psychopaths

I was born psychotic, this makes no sense.

me too

14 It uses guitars

"Like what you listen to doesn't use guitars. Mind you, rock is one of the very foundations of music."

Country music has guitars...

15 It causes crimes

Justin Bieber committed crimes.


The fact that nobody like this "dude"/"male" means beaver put this comment. Am I right! - RustyNail

16 It makes them cooler than everyone else

Hey, your rubbing on me

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