Top 10 Dumbest Science Questions to Ask

This is a list of some of the stupidest science-related questions to ask science fanatics, or people in general
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1 If your parents are infertile, can they pass that trait on to you?

And two sperm and eggs mixed together ends up with this result.

This is brilliantly dumb! Thanks for including it.

Dang it, I wasn't born, my traits are too infertile!

My smoking pipe exploded because of this tainted question *Frustated sigh*- Kevinsidis

2 My girlfriend says she needs time and distance. Is she calculating velocity?

Asking that question makes it clear that you might not have great chemistry.

No; she has no direction, so she's just trying to get up to speed.

LOL. No, she just isn't into you.

Yes if you add direction.

3 Maybe the reason aliens haven't visited our solar system yet is because we only have 1 star? They'd probably only look for systems that received at least a 4 out of 5 stars rating, right?

If the Helliconia trilogy taught us anything, it's that more than one Sun throws its civilisations into a cycle of chaos.

LMAOO this is clever

4 Why is mercury a liquid at room temperature, but a solid when so close to the sun?

Wow, this is truly dumb lmao

5 Is math related to science?

No math is HELL I don't know about you guys who like math but I HATE it

This is a genuine quote by Katy Perry. Not kidding, look it up

Yes. Math is in fact used by scientists.

Hello Katy Parry.

6 Women are 99% more likely to die during childbirth than men. Why hasn't modern medicine addressed this issue?

Transgender? Oh wait.

7 How come when I get hit by something going 100 mph I die but when I get hit by something going 299 792 458 m/s I live?

One theory is that you get hit by light so fast that your organs do not have the time to properly react and get smushed.

Haven't you heard of a difference between matter and energy?

The simple answer is momentum.

8 Is water wet?

No, my son, it’s rock solid.

9 If we share 50% of our DNA with bananas, and 1 in 4 people descend from Genghis Khan, does that mean Genghis Khan was 200% banana?

Just asking, where did u get these numbers from

10 Why is the sun out during the day when it's light, rather than at night when it's really needed?
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11 In most countries water boils at 100°, but in the USA it doesn't boil until 212°. What's so different about American water?

The answer is simply dumb systems put in place.

That's so funny, LOL

12 When we use ad-block software that blocks 99.99% of ads, are we not just selecting only the strongest and most resistant ads to repopulate our internets?

Although this specific instance might not be possible. (If the creators don’t know what ads are blocked) the premise is actually correct natural selection can apply to non living things as well.

Is this such a dumb question, or is it the next conspiracy to come true?

13 Is the Earth Flat?

Yes. It is a Pacman level and when you go out one side you come out of the other.

No actually it is round

14 Can you only get Aids from people who have Aids?

This was actually asked by someone when I was at intermediate.

15 What is the speed of lightning?
16 If Dwayne Johnson is studying his family history, is it called genealogy or geology?
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