Top Ten Dumbest and Strangest Questions Related to Beds


The Top Ten

1 My bed keeps on getting messed up, is the bed monster coming after me ?

No, it's your dog. - funnyuser

2 How do I put a mattress on a bed ?
3 My dog licks me only when I'm on my bed , Does he like me or my bed ?

We will never know. - funnyuser

4 My bed is awesome . Is it alive and watching me sleep ?

Yes it is, it's gonna take over your room and kick you out. - funnyuser

It will be a bit creepy if someone Says that to me - JandS3000

5 How do i sleep in my bed ?

I don't know, I'm tired! - funnyuser

6 How do i watch my bed ?

I keep telling you, if you don't feed the bed from time to time, it just gets up and rampages around the city. - PositronWildhawk

You have to go in another room, get the phone, and try to see your bed. You can do it! - funnyuser

7 My bed is an idiot . Is he dumb ?

Not really, these are just stupid questions that you could ask. That doesn't mean that you're talking to your bed! - funnyuser

A person who's an idiot is dumb too. I wonder if that will apply on beds - Kiteretsunu

That would be a very dumb question to ask to your bed mainly because Beds don't talk but if they talk it would drive you out of your room and would chase you for the rest of your life. Another very great list Funnyuser. - Dreamformusic

No, he is stupid. - funnyuser

8 How do I make my bed alive ?

You use the force. - funnyuser

9 How do I get out of bed ?

Oh, no! I've fallen on my bed and I can't get up! - funnyuser

10 Do beds duvet best?

A very lame pun, I realise. - PositronWildhawk

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