Top 10 Dumbest Survivor Moves


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1 Erik Gives up Immunity - Survivor Micronesia

There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON to give up immunity!

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2 Woo chooses to take Tony to the end instead of Kass - Survivor Cagayan

I've seen multiple times people win immunity and then lose because they took the wrong person to the finale.
Kelly in Borneo (Had no shot either way)
Colby in Australia
Kim in Africa
Neleh in Marquesas
Lill in Pearl Islands
Rob in All-Stars (He was doomed either way)
Danielle in Panama (Doomed either way)
Amanda in Micronesia (Probably would've lost to Cirie anyway)
Woo in Cagayan
(Note: This only applies to two person finales) - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

3 James gets voted out with 2 idols - Survivor China

If you get voted out with 2 hidden immunities even if you are confident kep one play one

Does he have any commonsense what so ever

4 J.T. writes a letter to Russell and gives him his Immunity Idol - Survivor Heroes vs Villains
5 Colby takes Tina to the end instead of Keith - Survivor Australian Outback

He was actually happy that Tina won.

6 Tyson switches his vote and accidentally votes himself out - Survivor Blood vs Water

This wasn't blood vs water he won. He voted himself off in heroes vs villains

That was a VERY bad move, & not only did he cost himself in the show, but, he also cost Boston Rob his game too.

This should be higher than 6. One of the most stupidest things I've ever seen

Tyson WON Blood vs. Water. He voted himself out in Heroes vs. Villains.

7 Brandon gives up Immunity - Survivor South Pacific
8 Taylor steals food, blames Adam, gets voted off - Millennials vs. Gen X

Seriously, dumb. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

9 Varner "outs" Zeke as trans - Survivor Game Changers

Completely doomed himself and essentially ruined his own life, while also potentially ruining Zeke's

Don't know where Varner was coming from. But at least he regrets it. - naFrovivuS

Just rude

10 Ian jumps off the pole and gives Tom a million dollars

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11 Garrett has an open forum to decide who to vote out - Survivor Cagayan
12 Jason thinks a stick with a face is an idol - Survivor Micronesia

How could you not realize that it is just a stupid stick

13 Drew throws a challenge and gets himself voted out - Survivor San Juan del Sur

Again, you want numbers. If you need to throw the challenge to lose, you can just pick 'em off after the merge.

"Basically I'm a badass and a master manipulator."

14 Lex saves Amber for Rob in exchange for protection, gets voted out - Survivor All Stars V 1 Comment
15 David Day 1 picks Garrett as the weakest person on the tribe - Survivor Cagayan

Pick Jtia someone who really looks weak

16 Lex saves Amber and votes off Jerri - Survivor All Stars
17 NaOnka and Kelly quit - Survivor Nicaragua

NaOnka wouldn't have lasted much longer, because of how much of a jerk she was. But Purple Kelly had no good reason to quit. Nicaragua is "the season of the quitters", as Holly almost quit, too. - Turkeyasylum

This move caused stronger enforcement on the Survivor rule book to ensure no one does the same thing. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

You can tell Jeff wasn't happy. Not one bit.

18 Zapatera throws a challenge to vote Russell off - Redemption Island

Doesn't seem dumb at first, but they lose like crazy after that. - Turkeyasylum

He was the glue that held the Zapatera tribe together.

Rob was the glue keeping Omotepe together, Zapatera didn't see that. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

19 Ken votes off David - Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X

Did Ken really think he had a chance against Adam? - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

20 Hannah Shapiro Keeps Dave instead of Bret in final five. - Millennial vs. Gen x

Bret had no shot anyway, so it's not dumb. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Bret was the absolute worst in Millennials vs. Gen X, I'm glad he lost. - naFrovivuS

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1. James gets voted out with 2 idols - Survivor China
2. Erik Gives up Immunity - Survivor Micronesia
3. Woo chooses to take Tony to the end instead of Kass - Survivor Cagayan
1. Erik Gives up Immunity - Survivor Micronesia
2. J.T. writes a letter to Russell and gives him his Immunity Idol - Survivor Heroes vs Villains
3. Woo chooses to take Tony to the end instead of Kass - Survivor Cagayan



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