Top 10 Dumbest Survivor Moves

The Top Ten Dumbest Survivor Moves

1 Erik Gives up Immunity - Survivor Micronesia

I think he has a new contender:
Sandra trades her idol to Denise - Winners at War
Sandra did that of her own volition. This guy got told to!

Definitely the dumbest move I've ever seen; if you're looking at trying to win. Was he hoping to get a date out of it or something? Actually, when you think about the fact that he was the only guy left with 4 girls heavily manipulating the direction of the game, it might have been a smart move; just to keep what little bit he had left of his sanity.

YOU'RE CRAZY! You'll officially go down as the dumbest Survivor ever. In the history of "Survivor." EVER.

Just a stupid move. No other way to say it. Giving your immunity to another player: I've never seen that move work.

2 Woo chooses to take Tony to the end instead of Kass - Survivor Cagayan

One of the dumbest moves out there, definitely not as Dumb as Varner in The Outback or Tyson in Season 20, but dumber than the rest out the moves out there. - AvocadoToast

He could've won right there. I don't know what he was thinking. Kass was majorly hated, Tony wasn't. He choose Tony. IDEK. - dankchu

I mean it was Chaos Kass! How stupid do you have to be to bring Tony, The guy who everyone didn't hate!?!

Why do people talk about Colby? Woo's was worse.

3 James gets voted out with 2 idols - Survivor China

If you get voted out with 2 hidden immunities even if you are confident kep one play one

Does he have any commonsense what so ever

He thought a majority would be united.

Someone should add Kellee Kim to the list

4 J.T. writes a letter to Russell and gives him his Immunity Idol - Survivor Heroes vs Villains

10/10 intelligence, mah friend

Don't stereotype genders!


5 Tyson switches his vote and accidentally votes himself out - Survivor Blood vs Water

Among the 5 very obvious overrated dumb moves, this was the dumbest move of them all. You really need to truly understand the circumstances going into this. While JT's and Erik's moves were bad and made very little sense, NOTHING about Tyson's move made sense at all. - AvocadoToast

This wasn't blood vs water he won. He voted himself off in heroes vs villains

That was a VERY bad move, & not only did he cost himself in the show, but, he also cost Boston Rob his game too.

This should be higher than 6. One of the most stupidest things I've ever seen

6 Colby takes Tina to the end instead of Keith - Survivor Australian Outback

It wasn't a dumb move in my opinion because he didn't seem to care. - AvocadoToast

He was actually happy that Tina won.

7 Jason thinks a stick with a face is an idol - Survivor Micronesia

How could you not realize that it is just a stupid stick

And then he goes out with a REAL idol.

Eliza: Is this a joke? This isn't the idol!
Jason: Yes it is!
Eliza: No, It's not!
Jason: Why would you think that?
Eliza: It's just a Stick!
Jason: Relax, it has a face on it.

8 Ian jumps off the pole and gives Tom a million dollars

I don't see this as dumb. Coby spilling Korror's secrets was definitely dumber than this. - AvocadoToast

I honestly agree with Ian's decision. If I'd sour a friendship, I'd rather jump off to rekindle it than win $1M.

9 Garrett has an open forum to decide who to vote out - Survivor Cagayan
10 Brandon gives up Immunity - Survivor South Pacific

This was a bad move but not as bad as Erik. At least he gave it to someone that voted with him. What makes these moves had is that they both got played by legends. The difference was that Brandon actually got played by Coach who told him the truth up until that point as they were in an alliance. Erik was told it you give up your immunity necklace I will trust you by Cirie who he was not aligned with. If he was a smart fan he would have known that himself Cirie and Natile would have made up the majority so there would be no need to give up the immunity necklace

This one was worse than Erik's. He thought he was playing with god. The biggest reason why it was worse, is because he probably saw Erik make that move and he should've known better after 23 seasons that it would not work out. - AvocadoToast


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11 Varner "outs" Zeke as trans - Survivor Game Changers

When it comes to overrated dumb moves, aside from the obvious 5, this would be number one because everybody all over social media and other things like that could not stop talking about it for a long period of time. I am glad that he has repaired the situation and he definitely regrets it. He was trying to save himself in some way, when in reality (he did not know this), he was actually going to stay in the game had he not made that move. 5 of the other players were planning to vote out Ozzy, Zeke among them. - AvocadoToast

I don't see how this was a mistake. Transphobic piece of garbage :(

Completely doomed himself and essentially ruined his own life, while also potentially ruining Zeke's

Don't know where Varner was coming from. But at least he regrets it.

12 Drew throws a challenge and gets himself voted out - Survivor San Juan del Sur

Again, you want numbers. If you need to throw the challenge to lose, you can just pick 'em off after the merge.

"Basically I'm a badass and a master manipulator."

YOU'RE the dead meat, Drew!

Drew: I will throw this immunity challenge. I'm too good of a player.


Jeff: Drew, the tribe has spoken. (snuffs his torch)

13 Lex saves Amber for Rob in exchange for protection, gets voted out - Survivor All Stars

There's two of these on the list.

What the hell was he thinking

14 Taylor steals food, blames Adam, gets voted off - Millennials vs. Gen X

Especially for a NONEXISTENT relationship.

15 Chris Goes Home with Idol in Pocket. - survivor Ghost Island

Did you REALLY think THAT many people would go along with a split vote? (Actually, they would. Next episode, everyone but Michael splits the vote between Michael and Libby.)

Your biggest rival Domenick just played a Legacy Advantage, and you still don't play your idol for an insurance policy? Unbelievable...

He thought the split vote plan would work. Wrongamundo!

16 Sean's Alphabet Strategy - Survivor Borneo
17 Ken votes off David - Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X

I WAS SO MAD! If I was a jury member, that move would prevent me from voting him!

18 Production Casts Sierra Dawn Thomas on Survivor Game Changers Over Natalie Anderson

I still think Sierra is a game changer, not as much as Natalie, but definitely a game changer. - AvocadoToast

Natalie was cast but bailed at the last second because of a family emergency, Sierra was CBS's backup - icantthinkofausername

19 Manono Tribe gives up immunity - Survivor One World

Colton had an awful strategy. Couldn't he have NOT fiund the immunity idol, so we could avoid his headache? - Turkeyasylum

20 Zapatera throws a challenge to vote Russell off - Redemption Island

Doesn't seem dumb at first, but they lose like crazy after that. - Turkeyasylum

He was the glue that held the Zapatera tribe together.

The worst pgagoning in survivor. It was so stupid.

Yep, they got Pagonged! - AvocadoToast

21 Lex saves Amber and votes off Jerri - Survivor All Stars
22 Cochran flips on Savaii - Survivor

In South Pacific yes, in Caramoan no. - AvocadoToast

He probably still would have lost but wouldve placed a little bit higher maybe like 7th or 6th

Cochran is the jerkiest survivor player ever!
Keith didn’t deserve to go home

23 David Day 1 picks Garrett as the weakest person on the tribe - Survivor Cagayan

Pick Jtia someone who really looks weak

24 Dreamz Breaks His Deal with Yau Man - Survivor Fiji

This move may have gotten him into the final 3,but it's also the doomed his chances of winning the game.The deal itself was pretty stupid,because even if had given Yau Man the immunity necklace like promised to,he probably would have been voted out.

25 NaOnka and Kelly quit - Survivor Nicaragua

NaOnka wouldn't have lasted much longer, because of how much of a jerk she was. But Purple Kelly had no good reason to quit. Nicaragua is "the season of the quitters", as Holly almost quit, too. - Turkeyasylum

You can tell Jeff wasn't happy. Not one bit.

26 Kass flips on her alliance - Survivor Cagayan

Why is this a dumb move again? I think it was a great move. - AvocadoToast

27 Hannah Shapiro Keeps Dave instead of Bret in final five. - Millennial vs. Gen x

Bret was the absolute worst in Millennials vs. Gen X, I'm glad he lost.

28 Malcolm fails to find an idol and gets voted off - Caramoan

This isn't a dumb move, this is Malcolm trying and failing to find something because it is so well hidden. Also, Andrea was guarding his ass all day after the auction. - AvocadoToast

This is because Andrea was following him.

29 Laura B. tells Vytas that he is going to be voted out and gets voted out instead - Survivor Blood vs Water
30 Sundra and Becky can't make fire - Cook Islands

Couldn’t even use matches correctly

31 Ciera flips - Blood vs. Water

Yes but then she thought she was going to be voted out at the final four if she stuck with Tyson, Monica, and Gervase. She probably would have since Tyson saw her as a jury threat and Gervase and Monica would have went along with Tyson and voted her out.

She should have just flipped earlier.

If she'd stayed with Tyson, Gervase, and Monica, she was guaranteed final four!

32 Chris won't take Jessica off his radar, gets voted off - Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X
33 Ted, Helen, & Jan don't form a counter alliance against Brian & Clay - Thailand
34 Ozzy gets voted off three times - Survivor South Pacific

Someone add Lauren gives part of her idol to Mike in HvHvH. And when Devon voted Mike to force a tie, only to lose to Ben in the fire-making challenge, also HvHvH.

35 Jeff drops out of the challenge for peanut butter - Survivor The Australian Outback

It was so incredibly important that Jeff am delighted his tribe vote for the right person, but more than that, it Ian important the Jeff Varner wins immunity. The challenge was just standing on a poll for as long as possible. He could have won that. Then he throws the challenge away for peanut butter and apples. To increase the dumb factor in all of this, he and his tribe vote for Colby, who obviously had not votes cast the against him at all. Just a complete recepie for a ultimate train wreck.

36 Alex tells Rob C. that he is going to vote him out at the final 4 - Survivor Amazon
37 Mike hands back his letter at survivor auction - Survivor Worlds Apart

Yikes bad move..

38 Ulong votes out Jolanda at the 1st tribal council - Survivor Palau
39 Rotu 4 arrogantly reveals their pecking order - Survivor Marquesas
40 Parvati allows Russell to take Sandra to the Final Tribal Council - Survivor Heroes vs Villains
41 Vinaka goes to rocks - Millennials Vs. Gen X

This was a voting bloc season, so flipping wouldn't affect your game too badly. Imagine if Adam drew the black rock!

42 Lisa and Skupin vote out Abi instead of Denise - Survivor Philippines
43 Matt aligns with Rob after the merge - Survivor Redemption Island
44 Sierra votes off Joaquin and not Joe - Worlds Apart

Joe was a much bigger threat. That, and Sierra didn't like her tribe. I was screaming at the T.V. when this happened. - Turkeyasylum

45 Phillip makes the jury hate him at final tribal council - Survivor Redemption Island
46 Brendon Abandons Exile Alliance, Reveals Hidden Idol at Tribal Council, Gets Voted Out - Survivor Tocantins
47 Stephen is voted out instead of Joe - Survivor Cambodia

Joe just won four immunities. Just 5 more from winning the game!

It was an accident. If they hadn't split the vote Stephen would be safe.

48 Brandon sides with Boran to vote out Kelly - Survivor Africa
49 Shannon asks if Sash is gay at tribal - Survivor Nicaragua

Shannons' neck was already on the damn chopping block so possibly outing someone doesn't seem like the right thing to do, does it?

50 Stacy and Dreamz Can't Keep Quiet About Blindsiding Yau Man at the F6.
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