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21 Hannah Shapiro Keeps Dave instead of Bret in final five. - Millennial vs. Gen x

Bret was the absolute worst in Millennials vs. Gen X, I'm glad he lost. - naFrovivuS

22 Laura B. tells Vytas that he is going to be voted out and gets voted out instead - Survivor Blood vs Water
23 Manono Tribe gives up immunity - Survivor One World

Colton had an awful strategy. Couldn't he have NOT fiund the immunity idol, so we could avoid his headache? - Turkeyasylum

24 Kass flips on her alliance - Survivor Cagayan
25 Ulong votes out Jolanda at the 1st tribal council - Survivor Palau
26 Parvati allows Russell to take Sandra to the Final Tribal Council - Survivor Heroes vs Villains
27 Ted, Helen, & Jan don't form a counter alliance against Brian & Clay - Thailand
28 Ozzy gets voted off three times - Survivor South Pacific

Someone add Lauren gives part of her idol to Mike in HvHvH. And when Devon voted Mike to force a tie, only to lose to Ben in the fire-making challenge, also HvHvH.

29 Malcolm fails to find an idol and gets voted off - Caramoan

This is because Andrea was following him.

30 Alex tells Rob C. that he is going to vote him out at the final 4 - Survivor Amazon
31 Matt aligns with Rob after the merge - Survivor Redemption Island
32 Sierra votes off Joaquin and not Joe - Worlds Apart

Joe was a much bigger threat. That, and Sierra didn't like her tribe. I was screaming at the T.V. when this happened. - Turkeyasylum

33 Sundra and Becky can't make fire - Cook Islands
34 Mike hands back his letter at survivor auction - Survivor Worlds Apart
35 Phillip makes the jury hate him at final tribal council - Survivor Redemption Island
36 Brendon Abandons Exile Alliance, Reveals Hidden Idol at Tribal Council, Gets Voted Out - Survivor Tocantins
37 Cochran flips on Savaii - Survivor
38 Rotu 4 arrogantly reveals their pecking order - Survivor Marquesas
39 Stephen is voted out instead of Joe - Survivor Cambodia

Joe just won four immunities. Just 5 more from winning the game!

It was an accident. If they hadn't split the vote Stephen would be safe.

40 Ciera flips - Blood vs. Water

If she'd stayed with Tyson, Gervase, and Monica, she was guaranteed final four!

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