Top 10 Dumbest Things to Do in the Game Shadow President

You might not know what SP is but I'll explain it to you. Shadow President is Geopolitical simulator about YOU yes YOU as the president of the US, you make decision to other countries such as improving diplomatic relations, strengthen economy or just nuke everybody, in Shadow President you can do anything want you want from improving diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union or just nuke Iraq during the Gulf War! It's your choice!. The world is watching you

The Top Ten

1 Move your troops to a country that has been bombarded with nuclear bombs

Remember when the US nuked Hiroshima? Did they march in to Hiroshima? Of course not! They would die in radiation anyway - RedAce66

2 Order the CIA to assassinate you

While this is not possible to yourself except other countries it's quite weird if you can do that in the game - RedAce66

3 Nuke a country that has nuclear capabilities

If anything this will trigger string of events of another country nuking a country that nuked you - RedAce66

4 Give all your nuclear aid to Iraq and Libya

Remember, at the time Iraq and Libya was an US enemy and pursued to gain an nuclear bomb plus Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 - RedAce66

5 Become George Bush himself

Yes people! The only way to become George Bush is to invade Middle Eastern countries! Plus establish colonies (Yes people you can do that) - RedAce66

6 Defend a country that has no importance or is not your ally/semi-ally but an enemy

If there is a country that is not your ally or has no importance whatsoever then don't! It will make your citizens protest against you and the congress impeach you! - RedAce66

7 Invade the USSR

I tried this once and I have an high leadership effectiveness and having NATO on my back but somehow the USSR beaten me! - RedAce66

8 Block trade to your valuable business partner
9 Invade Iraq BEFORE the Gulf War

Instead of defending Kuwait or attacking Iraq, you need to isolate Iraq and drain their effectiveness as quickly as possible and scare them by giving SA and Kuwait aid and deploy troops on SA and Kuwait - RedAce66

10 Perform a surgical strike on a country that isn't a harm to you

If you're feeling a little grumpy just perform a surgical strike on an random country and tell them it's a prank - RedAce66

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