Top 10 Dumbest Things to Do When You're Bored


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1 Jump out a window and say, I believe I could fly

Instructions unclear. Now I have my foot stuck in a blender

Tried it and broke my arm

I would do that


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2 Read this list

Haha, this should be #1

I'm so bored!
But this also has more than 10 things on the list...

Isn't it obvious? - Userguy44

The best one. Also the best insult (still can't stop looking it)

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3 Use tablets as swords


That would be a big waste. - Userguy44

Yeah, why just buy those historical swords from the 1600s when you have tablets woooho! Yeah let's fight my father died because uncle pressed the ipad on his belly, prepare to die uncle! Then I killed uncle by throwing my iPad mini 2 on his head!? Yeah tablet knifes to cute meat and bread oh man! I chop the wood not using an axe because axes suck, but using a Samsung tablet yeah man! I use my iPhone as scissors and my iPod for jam and butter spreading! Yeah baby! - Cobbleborg

My little cousin hit me with her iPad once. It was on Xmas 2015

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4 Play with kitchen knives

I would not do that, as you have so much love around you for you, and no one of your family would want you dead. It would be sagas, your mother and father have bought you all the things you have liked, so it is not worth dying

I do that anyway

Amazing...Just perfect. I'd TOTALLY do this

Um, if you want to die. - Luckys

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5 Join ISIS

Lol I was listening to isis by joyner lucas.

Already done bud

I already did that lol

10/10 would recommend

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6 Go to your parents with the stupidest face you can and say "I'm a little uni-corn" in the most farmer voice you can

But I do this already.

I will believe me

Gotta go farm some pertaters - GleamingShadow

Girl:*goes up to mom with a stupid look* " hey mom"
Mom:* looks over* " what is wrong with you"
Girl:* in a stupid farmer voice *" mi fa-ece iiis stuck"
Mom:* puts face in hands*"what is wrong with my daughter"

7 Jump out of moving cars

Its fun especially when at high speeds and being able to die

Best when you hate your life

The best cure for boredom because then you can make two trips; Wherever your family was planning on going and a fun place called the hospital. That is if you even make it. - 3DG20

I actually tried this before and I broke my body

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8 Cry

Its actually pretty entertaining if you do it for a while

Yeah its easy because I am an actor

Haha I do that

I do that when I’m bored u should try it

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9 Use a broom and then jump out a window

up UP - GleamingShadow

Hey! I've done this loads of times and died. But the last time I done it I survived! - Britgirl

Vroom Vroom ima BROOM

Broom thing is super dumb you would have to be plumb dumb to do that

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10 Drive into a helicopter with a sports car


I've done this a few times. Its kinda worth it, but sometimes the helicopter rotors get scratched... - s0ramble

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11 Use a hammer to create a new version of Wrecking Ball

I came in like a wrecking hammer!

Girl : Computer! I gotta tell you something. I came here like a BAM! No! My prized computer! - JaysTop10List

I can picture this.. - jmepa1234

Ew It will be painfully stupid - Alexandr

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12 Listen to a Justin Bieber song

I tried it once and I barely escaped alive.

No. - Userguy44

This is getting old - jmepa1234

I did that once and ONLY once but I hated it his songs are stupid

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13 Eat feces


Eww! That's creepy and gross - Antonio89

Who would u can get a dieses

yes. - s0ramble

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14 Climb a tree and try to fly

Me:*Climbs to top of tree playing ghost in the graveyard*
*Jumps onto roof*
Friend:WHereD ShE GooOoo
Me:*JUmps off Of HOuSe*

I was at my friends house...
She was chasing me around with a stick so I climbed into a tree and fell...
I couldn't walk for a while after that but it was so funny!

My friend climbed a tree 2 the very top and could see my dad mowing the lawn on the other side of the house...
Me: HI DADDY! *laughs creepily to self*
(whispers to self: I'm stalking u! )

15 Open the plane emergency exit door in flight

Ha someone got arrested for this

If you manage to overcome the air pressure in the plane keeping this door shut, then you are strong, but really stupid. Enjoy skydiving without a parachute!

I don't want to

16 Defecate out of the window.

Do this all the time. 10/10 would recomend

Why wouldn't you not do this?

17 Eat 5 peacocks then jump into your tv and break it

Such a good idea

This made me laugh. Has someone actually done that?

I don't know about that logic. WAIT does that really WORK!? COOL ILL GO JUMP INTO MY T.V..

What a wonderful idea! I’m going to try it right now!

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18 Sleep

Sleeping isn't dumb at all. - Userguy44

Not a dumb thing to do. I think it's one of the best things to when I you're bored - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I do that all the time

This is what I would do. - Catacorn

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19 Use a lamp as a firefighter pole

Well, keep swinging until the genie comes out. - PositronWildhawk

Boy : Let's save the world! *jumps on pole* NO NO NO NO NO NO! CRASH! SLAM! CRACK! - JaysTop10List

20 Watch Big Brother

Very good show 10/10

I don't have a big bro

But big brother watches you

Big brother is so entertaining of If u watch it u won't b bored anyome

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21 Pee on your grandma

I did that last monday

Everyone hates their grandma? - Userguy44

Nah. That sounds kinda boring.


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22 Masturbate

Great thing to do so you can prepare ya self

hell yeah


This one feels really weird... Please don't ask me how I know that. - RockFashionista

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23 Set fire to your hair

I've already done this. Smells bad

What is wrong with you?

Poke a stick at a grizzly bear. Eat medicine that’s out of date, use a clothes dryer as a hiding place. Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die!

Me: I just need a trim on my hair
Barber: Ok
*Gets a lighter*
Me: Ah!

24 Spray a full can of deodorant in your room and go to sleep

It will kill you

I've done that before, didn't turn out well.

That’s awesome but what does it do? 😂

25 Go On TheTopTens

Yes. Always! - Userguy44

This is what I always do when I am bored. - Catacorn

26 Play with your sisters toys

Her barbie dolls scare me to death...
She does NOT take care of them nicely...

I touch my sister’s stuff, I get in EXTREME DEAD MEAT with the entire family

27 Swim then electrocute yourself


Just electrocuting yourself is stupid - jmepa1234




(JK please don't do this ever.)

28 Vandalize Wikipedia

Been there, done that

Big big trouble

My entire time being 9 in 2 words

I used to do that.

29 Fashion parade inside

Fun and easy to do while nobody is looking.
P.S,subscribe and like to Kamran Hussein AND TURN NOTIFCATIONS ON THEN SSHHUTUUP!

Fun and easy to do while nobody is looking.
P.S,subscribe and like to Kamran Hussein AND TURN NOTIFCATIONS ON THEN SSHHUTUUP!

Fun and easy to do while nobody is looking.
P.S,subscribe and like to Kamran Hussein AND TURN NOTIFCATIONS ON THEN SSHHUTUUP!

Fun and easy to do while nobody is looking.
P.S,subscribe and like to Kamran Hussein AND TURN NOTIFCATIONS ON THEN SSHHUTUUP!

30 Play with your mom's perfume

Me and my cousin would go to my grandma's and put flowers in water to call it "perfume".
After a while, it stunk really bad...

Lol, I remember spraying nearly all of my mom's perfume to myself when I was little - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I tried it. She has 35 different perfumes

My mums perfume make me sneeze

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31 Play with action figures... Out the window!

That would be so fun

Boy : Batman is going to save the day!
Brother : Joker doesn't think so!
Boy : Stand back because I'm going to use the electric car! RM *falls* CRASH!
Brother : I told you we shouldn't have play action figures out the window. - JaysTop10List

32 Jump as a kangaroo on a glass table

Teen Boy : I'm going to jump on this glass table! CRASH!
Father : What was that
Teen Boy : NOTHING!
Father : I'm going to come and see - WHAT THE!
To be continued? What do you think happened to the boy? Figure out on MTV! - JaysTop10List

Good idea to get in trouble with this idea if you like too get in trouble

Me: Hey mom?
Mom: What is it this time?
Me: I think we might need a new glass table...
Mom: *Looks behind me* WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!
Me: hehehehehehhh...

33 Cutting

Does cutting my penis count


This is not okay. Several people do it, and its not good. Please don't encourage this.


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34 Play with barbies

I'm a barbie girl! In a barbie world! Life is plastic, it's fantastic! - Chaotixhero

I don't know I randomly did that yesterday

Most are creepy...
My little sister ripped off 2 of their heads...


35 Sing

I sing everywhere, and I sound so bad!

I sing all the time. - Catacorn

36 Jump out the window using an umbrella


Pro tip it doesn't work

My umbrella doesn’t fit out my window. I was actually going to try this one!

yeeeh no

37 Vandalize Wikihow

Just yes. wikihow is trash anyway, why not make it worse?

38 Play with glitter

I would just go outside and throw glitter above my head. - funnyuser

Make sure to spread it around the living room carpet

It's why I have a container of glitter in my room. It's not dumb, it's sparkly. - Merilille

Its fun and pretty!

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39 Write a letter to the president

Dear Mr. President.
My name is Peter.
My sister is Dasha.
Our friends Lisa & Andrew
came over today & drew a penis

Screw The God damn President Of the US

Dear Donald Trump,
Please quit your job and let someone else be president.
Unsincerely, lovefrombadlands

I wonder what his reply would be...?

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40 Search creepypasta and read all of the stories

I love creppypasta! I do it all the time.

That would just be boring... - 3DG20

No. PLEASE DON'T! UNLESS YOU WANT NIGHT MARES. I read about a lost Beatles cartoon episode, and I had lts f nightmares. I even had one where MY DAD DIED. So don't!

Sounds ok but then later on I'd be scared really bad

41 Try to do a cartwheel on a bed

I did that once, got a bruise on my leg. - Catacorn

Trust me it fails

I do that all the time

Boy : I'm going to do a cartwheel on this bed
Teen Girl : Ummm... you're on the edge of the bed SLAM! BAM! That's gotta hurt. - JaysTop10List

42 Strip

heel yeah

Why is this a thing

This is a really good idea I'm going to try it :) thanks bro!

I personally would NEVER do this - Antonio89

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43 Spray paint "666" on the walls

This actually happened to George Bush once.

Under Obamas reign, graffiti is pretty popular. Who's smarter?

44 Write "I'm bored" hundreds of times on paper

This is genius

This is probably the only thing I can do on this list

I won't have enough paper

45 Get very scared

Watch The Grudge movie. Thank me later. - Userguy44

Me: sits on a bench next to a stranger
Stranger: *looks at me

46 Jump out the window on a carpet

A whole new woorld! A dazzling place I never knew! It’s called the hospital, and that’s where I’m about to go. That is if I don’t die instantly. - 3DG20

47 Twerk

100 recommended

Gross unless your Miley ciruis


Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk. - 3DG20

48 Paint all your walls

I wish I could paint murals all over my house. I have WAY too much time on my hands. Plus I'm bored!

Oh no! - Userguy44

do it too!

49 Drive a car through Sheetz

I think I seen too many episodes of Worlds Dumbest Drivers to think of this one - Antonio89

That's stupid... - Mariomaster63

50 Whacking People with Balloons

Very useful

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1. Jump out a window and say, I believe I could fly
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1. Jump out a window and say, I believe I could fly
2. Use tablets as swords
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