Top 10 Dumbest Things to Do When You're Bored

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1 Jump out a window and say, I believe I could fly

I did that when I was 12, my mom, dad, and my sis and bro were gone, they left me here because I am old enough to stay home by my self, anyway I broke my computer then I got extremely bored and then I just jumped out the window, I screamed until I passed out, and then when my family came back, they rushed me to the hospital and my left leg and left arm was broken... I was so stupid back then.

This is really dumb, but dangerous too. It depends of the distance between the window and the floor. If you live in a house, it would hurt a bit, nothing else. I wonder what happens if it's a huge tower...

My friend brother did this when he was 3.He said I can fly and jumped out from his bedroom window.

I once fell in a window but I didn't say 'I believe I can fly". That was pretty dumb.

2 Read this list

These people are geniuses! The reason I'm reading this is because I'm bored

Yep. The only reason I'm reading this is because I got nothing better to do.

I'm not bored, I'm just searching through lists I have not yet voted on

The best one. Also the best insult (still can't stop looking it)

3 Play with kitchen knives

I would not do that, as you have so much love around you for you, and no one of your family would want you dead. It would be sagas, your mother and father have bought you all the things you have liked, so it is not worth dying

I did this once... did not end up well. Lesson is, do not listen to this webiste

Can I use it on myself

I'm so happy to be dead!

4 Use tablets as swords

Yeah, why just buy those historical swords from the 1600s when you have tablets woooho! Yeah let's fight my father died because uncle pressed the ipad on his belly, prepare to die uncle! Then I killed uncle by throwing my iPad mini 2 on his head!? Yeah tablet knifes to cute meat and bread oh man! I chop the wood not using an axe because axes suck, but using a Samsung tablet yeah man! I use my iPhone as scissors and my iPod for jam and butter spreading! Yeah baby!

My little cousin hit me with her iPad once. It was on Xmas 2015

Great way to ruin tablets...


That would be a big waste.

5 Go to your parents with the stupidest face you can and say "I'm a little uni-corn" in the most farmer voice you can

But I do this already.

I will believe me

Gotta go farm some pertaters

Just yes

6 Jump out of moving cars

The best cure for boredom because then you can make two trips; Wherever your family was planning on going and a fun place called the hospital. That is if you even make it.

Its fun especially when at high speeds and being able to die

I actually tried this before and I broke my body

That's so dum I almost peed my pants laughing

7 Join ISIS

I have done this so many times. They say I am blessed by Allah for persecuting and all. I don't know what that means, but I'm so excited to try it again!

10/10 Would Recommend

- SoongeBill

Lol I was listening to isis by joyner lucas.

I already did that lol

Why that is stupid

8 Use a broom and then jump out a window

Hey! I've done this loads of times and died. But the last time I done it I survived!

Please, while doing this, Jump out of the ground floor.

Hey people I'm harry potter!

That is so stupid

9 Drive into a helicopter with a sports car

I've done this a few times. Its kinda worth it, but sometimes the helicopter rotors get scratched...

Done this 12 times died 10/12 times 99% guarantee to die 10/10 definitely recommend to kids

Hey, you'd become famous!

Yesss so much fun let's do it yay

10 Cry

I hear my parents do that all the time...and some times hear my name

Its actually pretty entertaining if you do it for a while

Yeah its easy because I am an actor

I cry when I am angry at times!

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11 Open the plane emergency exit door in flight

Ha someone got arrested for this

Not gonna lie sounds pretty fun

I don't want to

If you manage to overcome the air pressure in the plane keeping this door shut, then you are strong, but really stupid. Enjoy skydiving without a parachute!

12 Use a hammer to create a new version of Wrecking Ball

Girl : Computer! I gotta tell you something. I came here like a BAM! No! My prized computer!

I came in like a wrecking hammer!

I can picture this..

Ew It will be painfully stupid

13 Climb a tree and try to fly

My friend climbed a tree 2 the very top and could see my dad mowing the lawn on the other side of the house...
Me: HI DADDY! *laughs creepily to self*
(whispers to self: I'm stalking u! )

I was at my friends house...
She was chasing me around with a stick so I climbed into a tree and fell...
I couldn't walk for a while after that but it was so funny!

Me:*Climbs to top of tree playing ghost in the graveyard*
*Jumps onto roof*
Friend:WHereD ShE GooOoo
Me:*JUmps off Of HOuSe*

14 Eat feces

Who would u can get a dieses

Eww! That's creepy and gross


Who Says I don’t already

15 Defecate out of the window.

I'd do it if the feces would land on Donald Trump or Justin Bieber.

Much better when you do it on an airplane or moving train

Why wouldn't you not do this?

Do this all the time. 10/10 would recomend

16 Listen to a Justin Bieber song

I did that once and ONLY once but I hated it his songs are stupid

I tried it once and I barely escaped alive.

My friends dared me to do these things and so I did.

I never did that and I will never will do it

17 Eat 5 peacocks then jump into your tv and break it

This made me laugh. Has someone actually done that?

Very fun to do with the whole family!

I don't recomend trying this it is painfull and you get yelled at by your parents

Been there. Done that.

18 Sleep

Not a dumb thing to do. I think it's one of the best things to when I you're bored

I just sleep and I am going back to sleep it is fun

Sleeping isn't dumb at all.

This is what I would do.

19 Set fire to your hair

What the actual heck. Who sits here and writes this and thinks "yea, this is a good idea, I will influence young kids to set their hair on fire"

Poke a stick at a grizzly bear. Eat medicine that’s out of date, use a clothes dryer as a hiding place. Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die!

I've already done this. Smells bad

What is wrong with you?

20 Use a lamp as a firefighter pole

Well, keep swinging until the genie comes out.

Boy : Let's save the world! *jumps on pole* NO NO NO NO NO NO! CRASH! SLAM! CRACK!

21 Pee on your grandma

If you want your grandma to never come over again

That is just dumb and she will kill me

I have done this many times

Everyone hates their grandma?

22 Spray a full can of deodorant in your room and go to sleep

I've done that before, didn't turn out well.

I wanna do it to see what happens

It will kill you

I'm not a jevv hehehe

23 Watch Big Brother

Big brother is so entertaining of If u watch it u won't b bored anyome

But big brother watches you

I don't have a big bro

Very good show 10/10

24 Go On TheTopTens

This is what I always do when I am bored.

25 Play with your sisters toys

Wait what kind of toys are we talking about

Her barbie dolls scare me to death...
She does NOT take care of them nicely...

I touch my sister’s stuff, I get in EXTREME DEAD MEAT with the entire family

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