Top 10 Dumbest Things to Do When You're Bored


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21 Eat 5 peacocks then jump into your tv and break it


What even...

22 Play with barbies

You can brush my hair! Undress me everywhere! Imagination, life is your creation! - Catacorn

I'm a barbie girl! In a barbie world! Life is plastic, it's fantastic! - Chaotixhero

I don't know I randomly did that yesterday

23 Sing V 2 Comments
24 Play with glitter

I would just go outside and throw glitter above my head. - funnyuser

It's why I have a container of glitter in my room. It's not dumb, it's sparkly. - Merilille

Make sure to spread it around the living room carpet

Its fun and pretty!

V 3 Comments
25 Eat feces

Eww! That's creepy and gross - Antonio89

Who would u can get a dieses

yes. - s0ramble


26 Pee on your grandma

My grandma would probably yell at me. But all my grandparents are deceased aka dead. So...I'm not really sure. - Catacorn

If you want your grandma to never come over again

I have done this many times

yass queen

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27 Try to do a cartwheel on a bed

I did that once, got a bruise on my leg. - Catacorn

Boy : I'm going to do a cartwheel on this bed
Teen Girl : Ummm... you're on the edge of the bed SLAM! BAM! That's gotta hurt. - JaysTop10List

V 2 Comments
28 Climb a tree and try to fly V 1 Comment
29 Vandalize Wikipedia

lol - s0ramble

30 Write a letter to the president

I wonder what his reply would be...?

V 1 Comment
31 Jump out the window using an umbrella

Pro tip it doesn't work

32 Paint all your walls V 1 Comment
33 Spray paint "666" on the walls

This actually happened to George Bush once.

V 1 Comment
34 Watch Breadwinners

Go watch Total Drama instead! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

35 Drive a car through Sheetz

I think I seen too many episodes of Worlds Dumbest Drivers to think of this one - Antonio89

V 1 Comment
36 Spray a full can of deodorant in your room and go to sleep

I've done that before, didn't turn out well.

That’s awesome but what does it do? 😂

37 Defecate out of the window.
38 Write "I'm bored" hundreds of times on paper

I won't have enough paper

39 Cutting

How is that racist? So many people do it, and it's sad.

That is so racist

Ok I'll try it

40 Strip

I personally would NEVER do this - Antonio89

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