Dumbest Things to Do


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1 Fall off a cliff

I just did that though

2 Steal honey from a beehive
3 Defacate

What pooping is normal!

4 Run naked during a football game
5 Listen to Bangarang at full volume

Thank's to this list, I listen to that song with full volume because of this and now my ears are popping - RoseCandyMusic

Trust me, that is loud. Especially for someone who listens to loud music. - AlphaQ

6 Die
7 Get grinded on by Nicki Minaj
8 Run through traffic
9 Explode an onion and make your pants cry

Was just looking down this list and fate made me vote for this! Although it would take more than an exploding onion for my, umm...pants to cry. Ha!
Funny list! - Britgirl

10 Try to dunk a basketball from your roof

The Contenders

11 Drink gasoline
12 Listen to Tyga
13 Try to fly

I'm Superman! *jumps off building* weee! *crashes*

14 Get hit by a watermelon or durian
15 Eat raw meat
16 Watch Where the Dead Go to Die
17 Diss Eminem

You will get into so much trouble. He can flipping roast. - 51im_Ro55_2002

Go listen to River by him and Ed Sheeran it's good

18 Ask someone to do a fatality on you
19 Light a match in a fireworks factory
20 Watch The Emoji Movie

Ew, no!

21 Sit on a campfire
22 Kill somebody
23 Vandalize Wikipedia
24 Watch Foodfight
25 Watch When Blackbirds Fly
26 Watch Norm of the North
27 Watch The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!
28 Listen to Sam Hunt
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1. Run naked during a football game
2. Steal honey from a beehive
3. Run through traffic
1. Listen to Bangarang at full volume
2. Get grinded on by Nicki Minaj
3. Fall off a cliff
1. Fall off a cliff
2. Defacate
3. Die


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