Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Done Since Taking Office


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1 Tried to Put a Travel Ban in Motion

Like this will stop terrorism? If they want to get in they will get in, no matter how. And what about American targets overseas? There's plenty of American targets to aim for in the EU, Asia etc... Will you ban European countries also? People who think that this was a smart move are pretty dumb to believe that a ban is stopping terrorism.

After all the acts of terrorism in and out of this country you don't want this? , it wouldn't even last that long ( 2-3 months). Its not racist, its smart - RustyNail

Barack Obama did the exact same thing - 2storm

It is a solution to decrease terrorism. Do you have a better solution? Because letting people in from countries that have many terrorist connections isn't going to do any good. - Therandom

2 Made Obamacare Even Worse

The first time he proposed a new healthcare plan, a lot of his proposals were pretty bad considering some of them were actually going to undo some aspects of health insurance and Medicare/Medicaid. You can see why congressional Republicans disagreed with him the first time they tried a new bill for healthcare. I'm pretty sure it's not going to get any better at this point with the ongoing revisions to the healthcare bill. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He doesn't even want ObamaCare to exist. - Mcgillacuddy

How can he have made something worse when he didn't do anything to it?

Also, the health care is still undergoing revisions. - Therandom

3 Fired James Comey

Yeah, I disagreed with this. - Therandom

This will be the reason his administration goes down. - GrimmShady

2 weeks before he was fired, democrats and liberals didn't like what comey was doing and wanted him out. then when trump does this, everyone is ticked and saying what a bad decision it was. Hipacrites. - RustyNail

4 Tweeted "Covfefe"

Maybe this is dumb, but the reactions to this were even dumber - NuMetalManiak

This is dumb? And you tweet " just got 2 bottles of ketchup #tomato blood", WHO CARES, YOU'VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN POST SOMETHING THAT NOBODY NEEDS TO SEE. anti trump people will use anything to use to why trump is bad, even though they mean nothing - RustyNail

First Bushisms, and now this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The fact that liberals attack him over this. It was obviously a typo, we've all made them. - Therandom

That doesn't change the fact that it was funny. Also, how could he have not seen an obvious typo before posting? "Covfefe" doesn't sound like any other word in the English language. - Kfox101

5 Spent a Large Amount of Time at the Maralago Playing Golf (He Had Criticized Obama for Playing Golf While He Was President)

If you ever need to find a good example as to how Donald Trump is a hypocrite, let this be your first piece of evidence. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Obama hates America. And always will. Phony, Fraud, and most of all a P.O.S. He tried to hurt the greatest country in the world. He damned near did. Skinny punk. - DMZABO

So how exactly does that make Trump any different? Unless you're afraid to use actual facts to prove why Obama is a bad president rather than using your own conservatively right-wing opinions to proclaim that he is bad. Face it. You can't even defend the hypocrisy behind Trump doing the exact same thing he criticized Obama for. And please, I'm pretty sure anyone in the world would know being president is a stressful job. Don't go "Trump did not know how stressful the job is". - ModernSpongeBobSucks

In his defense, Trump did not know how stressful the job is. - Therandom

It's more the fact that he criticised Obama for it. And I would've thought everyone knows being a president is stressful. - IronSabbathPriest

6 Forgot Which Country He Had Bombed During a Fox Business Network Interview

This just proves he is retarded

7 Pulled the Us Out of the Paris Climate Agreement

Climate Change is a Hoax. Think about it they had to change the name because global warming wasn't panning out so well when the Great Lakes were frozen most of the summer. They(the global scientists) said earth was heading for an ice age by 1980. Wrong again. That's why they went with their new slogan. Can't be laughed out of the room with climate change now can ya? The liberal lunatics have taken up climate change as their new religion. - DMZABO

Trump is so stupid to think this is designed so China can beat us globally when China is in this deal to lower their carbon footprint. - jrodz

Pretty sure the only reason he did it was because he believes it only concerns Paris. Wouldn't surprise me. - IronSabbathPriest

This is an accomplishment. Climate change should not be a US priority. - Therandom

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8 Used a Speech at the Coast Guard Academy to Complain About the Media

I'm not gonna defend this. Is it ok if he complains about the media? Absolutely, the media is so bad nowadays. This wasn't the place though. - Therandom

9 Supposedly Leaked Classified Information to Russian Diplomats

It was info the Russians were already aware of. - Therandom

10 Held a Self Congratulatory Cabinet Press Event Where He Blatantly Lied About His Accomplishments

How is it a lie?

He said "Never has there been a president...with few exceptions...who's passed more legislation, who's done more things than I have" when he hasn't passed ANY legislation through Congress. All he's done is sign executive orders the most notable of which has been blocked be the courts who have ruled it unconstitutional.

He bragged about his plan for the "single biggest tax cut in American history" even he hasn't proposed an actual plan.

He stated his accomplishments. How is it a lie? - Therandom

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11 Called it a "Pathetic Excuse" When the London Mayor's Office Correctly Stated Trump Had Taken the Mayor's Quote Out of Context
12 Publicly Insulted the London Mayor After Terrorist Attacks for a Quote Trump Took Out of Context
13 Used the Manchester Attacks to Try to Promote the Travel Ban

And...your point is...what? You still want people from countries that have the possibly of terrorist over on American soil. Also the travel band only lasts for a few months, not forever. This doesn't mean you're racist. It means your cautious, aware and smart. If you have a party that is for girl and her girlfriends, your not going to invite the guy that said a rude comment about her sister, even though he is a good friend of yours, you just don't want him to make a scene or say something. Use your brains anti trump people. - RustyNail

The attacks show that we need it. - Therandom

If you snowflakes are scared of people from other countries then you can hide in your basements for as long as you want. Unfortunately, terrorism has been around for thousands of years and it will always be around; you can't stop it by putting a travel ban in motion. The best we can do is not harass people trying to escape terrorism in their own countries and not be a bunch of xenophobic pussies. Deal with it. - Kfox101

14 Promised to pass a "new" welfare law that has existed for 20 years
15 Hired Sean Spicer as His Press Secretary
16 Called Hillary Clinton "Crooked H"
17 Insulted Hillary Clinton
18 Hired a 36 Year-Old Family Member with No Political Experience and Tasked Him with Overhauling the Federal Government and Making Peace in the Middle East
19 Hosted a Ceremony Celebrating the House Passing the American Health Care Act of 2017, a Bill He Later Called "Mean"
20 Tried to Cut Funding for PBS and NPR
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1. Made Obamacare Even Worse
2. Spent a Large Amount of Time at the Maralago Playing Golf (He Had Criticized Obama for Playing Golf While He Was President)
3. Tweeted "Covfefe"
1. Tried to Put a Travel Ban in Motion
2. Made Obamacare Even Worse
3. Fired James Comey
1. Called it a "Pathetic Excuse" When the London Mayor's Office Correctly Stated Trump Had Taken the Mayor's Quote Out of Context
2. Held a Self Congratulatory Cabinet Press Event Where He Blatantly Lied About His Accomplishments
3. Spent a Large Amount of Time at the Maralago Playing Golf (He Had Criticized Obama for Playing Golf While He Was President)



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