Top Ten Dumbest Things Girls Wear That They Think Are Cool

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1 Long Fake Nails

These really give many people the willies, since they look so creepy!

Those girls be looking like Edward Scissorhands

Some people wear fake nails that are 6 inches! Oh no!

Impractical - blackflower

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2 Overalls

I can't stand these. They're nearly impossible to pull off unless you have bra size AAA. - Entranced98

I'm a tomboy so I wear them all the time but not that cool

Are you kidding? They look very attractive in them, especially the big work ones! What a big turn on! - giddyjoker

Overalls on a girl are biggest turn off. Unless there is nothing on underneath.

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3 Jumpsuits

How on Earth are these sexy? They're meant for prisoners.

4 Rompers

I love rompers, in the Summer they are good for the beach. And I am twelve. - riri_lol

I'm sure these are meant for toddlers.

They r cute what yall r haters

5 Ridiculously High Heels

Nope, still love them. Sorry podiatrists! - Entranced98

How do girls even stand wearing them? It makes sense to have it be just right, not super high so you can't even walk right.

No wonder my mother doesn't want me to wear high heels. I'm too tall to wear one of those. This is why I like flats better. - Pegasister12

They impede mobility - blackflower

6 Nirvana Band Shirts

Oh you love Kirk Cobane huh? Well it looks and Smells Like The Only Nirvana Song You Know, you posers. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

I wear Halsey shirts.

Real fans vs posers
real fan:i love nirvana so much me:name me three songs real fan: polly in bloom and lithium
poser fan:nirvana is so awesome me:name three songs poser fan: smells like teen spirit um what else
oh I can name two justin bieber songs baby and sorry me: I'm glad there's a place called hell to kill posers
like you

7 Super Big Sunglasses

These look incredibly goofy and stupid. Come on girls, the guys want to see your face! Don't hide it from them. (Sorry, that sounded better in my head)

8 Belly Shirts

I seriously hate them. The problem with seeing girls wear belly shirts is that they'll get lots of unwanted attention from random perverted guys who just want to get laid.

Only when fatties turn them into muffin tops. - Entranced98

At my school we had a party for the end of year six and some of the girls (we were all about 12 years old) were wearing shirts that showed s huge amount of their belly area. There were lots of people at that party.

I hate them!

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9 Peplums

I'm incredibly sure this trend is dead! Also, it looks ugly.

10 High Waisted Stuff

This really ruins the curve that women really care about.

I like those.

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11 Makeup
12 Leggings as Pants
13 Mom Jeans Mom Jeans
14 Ripped Jeans Ripped Jeans
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