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1 Video games ruin society

I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be pretty depressed and probably do much worse things with their life. and why is Christian theology at the top? Just say religion in general because I think Christianity makes the most sense out of all of them. I mean there's a religion that worships a pasta god or something. Really when you think about religion or atheism or anything reality just doesn't make sense. So just accept the existence of earth and go with it.

I actually feel sorry for these people. They try to find great things to do with their life; and the best they could find was criticizing video games for one stupid reason or another. Wait, did I say I feel sorry for them I meant I feel sorry for myself for having to listen to these people

Video games don't ruin society, especially with how interactive they have become over the years.

How do they ruin society! Some games like Minecraft and Spore are very creative!

And Mortal Kombat and games similar can teach you some new moves (except the ones that include magic and stuff)

2 Only white people can be racist

They are more racist but other people can be racist to. Stop racism like now

If you actually believe this, that means your a hypocrite and a racist yourself for having prejudice against them.

I learned in History class that during the 19th century, non-Chinese were considered barbaric by people of said country. So this is not true.


3 Christian theology

There are Christians who make our religion's reputation worse and they believe in dumb things, like God hates gay people, blah blah blah.

Its called faith. there is nothing dumb about it. you all live your lives day in and day out relying on faith though you might not realize but you do. do you ever question a chair before you sit down into it? If you ride in a car you have faith that the people that made the car did it right and that it wont explode the moment you turn the key. you have faith that the bus driver knows what he is doing. you will even trust that your heart, which you can't see, is healthy and that you wont drop over dead when it has happened many times before to people that are health fanatics and you go on about your lives trusting this. you have faith that you wont get mad-cow disease from the meat that you eat cause you have faith that the people who checked the meat were thinking about what they were doing when they were checking the meat and not day dreaming. this is just a very tiny amount of your life.

Jesus/god died fo yo dumb ass show respect towards the Catholic Church

There is nothing stupid about faith

4 The earth is flat

You must have zero logic and simple mindedness level infinity to think the earth is flat.

It's already proven that it isn't. Why do people still believe this?

How stupid can people be?! There is are real taken photos that prove the earth is round

These people are annoying

5 All guys think about is sex

Ok I once had a bf and he always thought about his schoolwork and videogame s

I don't think so because most of the things I think about are what I should do for a video game review and things related to that.

I never think about sex

Oh, I barely even think about sex.

6 All Arabs are terrorists

That's racist

It's in the Quran.

Mega no

7 All guys are disgusting

Huge no no

8 All guys are perverted


9 Life is simple

Only the naivete believes this. life is more complex than you think

Life is a Wild roller coaster

I actually don't think anyone believes this

I believe it is

10 Metal is "satanic"

Mainly because most people I walk into that like metal say stuff like satan is better than god or 666 is the best number etc

Only soccer moms or anything would believe metal is satanic.

Well, I should make this clear to everyone that all metal is not satanic. In fact metal is divided into various genres, like Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Metalcore, and so on. It's only the Black Metal which is somewhat Satanic (It's name makes everything clear) and death metal too indulges in supernatural themes (like biblical allusions). But Thrash Metal is different from all of them. It talks about real life problems and the dirty political situation of a country. Thrash Metal consist of bands like Metallica, Megadeth and so on. So it's a prejudice if you consider all Metal Satanic. And if you still have any doubt in your mind, listen only to Thrash Metal. That's the perfect solution and an eye opener.

I honestly think this is the dumbest thing people actually believe.

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11 Atheists are mean and evil

Atheists are mean and evil? No. we just have actual logic, that you religious do not properly understand.

it's sad that people want to kill every atheist in existence...

I'm an athiest and I'm really nice I bet Brian Griffin was the cause of the belief that athiests are mean because he is an athiest

Bro I’m an atheist, you don’t see me up in my attic worshiping satan, no, we just have actual brains and we don’t let these religions fill our heads with idiotic beliefs.

12 Modern rappers are "talented"

The people who think this have no musical taste...

It's just reading off a script!

True, the talented rappers were the rappers from the late 70's and early 80's. The real talented rappers were from the 60's ( just listen to the group " The Last Poets "! )

People harassed me at school because I didn't believe this.

13 The "Tails Doll Curse"

Yeah, cause a doll version of Tails is going to jump out of your SEGA Saturn and murder you.

But it is real! Everything on the internet and especially on creepypasta.com has to be real!

14 The USA is the greatest country

Greatest country in terms of military power and global influence, yes. However, in terms of quality of life, healthcare and wealth, no, there are much better 1st countries in those categories. But however, the United States is not one of the worst either. It heavily depends on the state and area too. Having a good life in the US can be as good as most other 1st world developed countries if you make the right financial decisions and live in a good area with low poverty and crime.

Not true! People elected a clown ( yes, I'm talking about Donald Trumpet ) who said many times during his campaign " America will be great again ". Which means that America isn't the greatest country. FYI, it will never be the greatest country. There are too many stupid people in the US.

This is a true fact.

This is an opinion.

15 The Illuminati

Doesn't exist. Yet people still believe this in 2020


16 Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth

Infinity no no

17 Religion

Do yall relies atheism was Hitler's motivation? Any belief taken to extremes will cause a war even feminism, Christianity, Anti-racism But it doesn't automatically mean these things are bad

Causes almost all wars!

It is just plain stupid. Cause of so many wars in this peaceful 21st century.

18 Scene bands are "metal"

Yup. People actually believe this

19 All autists are violent and unintelligent

Mildly Autistic people are actually smarter and none are violent

20 All girls are softies and get easily scared

Me: *holding a snake*
Some other person saying this is true: *screams and runs away*

21 Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews

No piece of land belongs to any specific group of people. Everyone should have the liberty of choosing where they want to live. No borders, no wars, just freedom!

Israel is the biggest post WW2 mistake the world has ever made.

22 Deathcore/Grindcore is music

It's just screaming and random thrashing. If you hear one song you hear all of them.

It's still music, just very noisy music.

23 Call of Duty players are gamers

They are more of gamers than candy crush and clash players

Basically they're the gaming equivalent of jocks.

COD players are just hardcore gamers.

24 Being ignorant is awesome

Oh ya, I locked myself in my room for a day and it was great to not worry about anything.

25 Their favorite band saved their life

Simple plan be like:

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