Dumbest Things People Actually Believe


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21 Autism is a myth
22 Rap is appropriate and metal is a bad influence

Both Rap and Metal have their problems. But if you look past the problems, you'll see that they're both great.

23 Homosexuals are born gay

They ARE born gay now please shut up. - Aragorn98

Aren't they - Lucretia

24 Tooth Fairy

I never believed this ever. I mean seriously? Why would a fairy give you money for your teeth? Why doe she want teeth? - SammySpore

Why do parents let there kids believe this? It's called being cruel. - funnyuser

25 Scene music is "metal"
26 Walking under a ladder equals bad luck

It makes no sense. - SammySpore

This is so dumb lol.

27 A magical man in the sky

God? Yeah I think the idea is dumb - Lucretia

28 Black cats equal bad luck

Stupid IDIOTS in the past killed people because they believed they were witches just because they had black cats or something. Imagine the millions of people who died because of stupid beliefs of witches. - SammySpore

I'm not allowed to get a pet black cat because my mom believes in this absurd, stupid myth that makes no sense at all (no offense to those who believe in it) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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29 Opening a umbrella inside equals bad luck
30 Spiders go in your mouth and down your throat every single night

Wow, this absurd myth actually exists? If it does, then it might be the cause of why so many people are afraid of this awesome animal - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

31 Bullies are tough
32 The death penalty reduces violent crime

It's better then life in prison though... - Lucretia

33 Rock is "satanic"
34 Water is an alien's weakness

Uh.. what? That doesn't make sense. I mean to aliens, we are aliens, so why isn't water OUR weakness also! - SammySpore

35 Aliens are tall green men with black eyes
36 Aliens don't exist.
37 Marilyn Manson is "satanic"
38 If you haven't had sex yet, or if you're a virgin, then you're a loser who sucks at life
39 Alligators live in the sewers
40 All guys are perverted
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