Top 10 Stupidest Things People Make a Big Deal Out Of

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Babies Walking for the First Time

I don't get why people thinks it's such a big deal - Adventurur2

A First Kiss

I mean kissing is no big deal
But a full out make out session is what turns me on (I can't believe I said that) - Adventurur2

Getting Dirty

You gonna get dirty in your life no matter what
but going "ahhh dirt now I have to change my clothes" won't help


Once my mom freaked out when my cousin got a nosebleed.

Ok when I bleed I feel very angry and very Tainted and it's all because of the pain or whenever I bleed so it's genetically either the blood type- Kevinsidis

I hate those people who are over dramatic about blood
the smallest cut and they faint - Adventurur2


Like online trolls
they are making you angry on purpose to provoke you

A Baby Learning to Talk

Yet we all talk - Adventurur2

Violence on TV
Fictional Characters
Seeing Poop

Espeically Asian parents seeing a kid's poop

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People Having a Negative Opinion About Something You Like
A Broken Arm
Dropping Food on the Floor

S second rule guys - Adventurur2

A Dog Doing a Trick
Kids Farting

Asians parents find little kids' farts hilarious but when an older kid does it they get offended by it

Sexual Harassment
Getting a B+

Mainly applies to Asian parents

Especially Asian parents


My parents will be like "you will break your back then end up paralyzed from the neck down and you'll end up in a wheelchair" even if I just fell ON MY KNEES

Yeah their like O MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY your parents will act like you are dying so be careful not to lose your footing in front of them ~Galaxy Meowth

People Having a Positive Opinion About Something You Dislike or Hate
Kids Coughing

Asian parents automatically assume that a kid will puke if they start coughing

Kids Sneezing

Asian parents automatically think their kid is sick if they sneeze ONLY ONCE...

Babies Burping
Being Offended
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