Top 10 Stupidest Things People Make a Big Deal Out Of

The Top Ten Stupidest Things People Make a Big Deal Out Of

1 Babies Walking for the First Time

I don't get why people thinks it's such a big deal - Adventurur2

2 A First Kiss

I mean kissing is no big deal
But a full out make out session is what turns me on (I can't believe I said that) - Adventurur2

3 Blood

Once my mom freaked out when my cousin got a nosebleed.

Ok when I bleed I feel very angry and very Tainted and it's all because of the pain or whenever I bleed so it's genetically either the blood type- Kevinsidis

I hate those people who are over dramatic about blood
the smallest cut and they faint - Adventurur2

4 Getting Dirty

You gonna get dirty in your life no matter what
but going "ahhh dirt now I have to change my clothes" won't help - Adventurur2

5 A Baby Learning to Talk

Yet we all talk - Adventurur2

6 Trolls

Like online trolls
they are making you angry on purpose to provoke you - Adventurur2

7 Violence on TV
8 Fictional Characters
9 Stereotypes
10 Seeing Poop

Espeically Asian parents seeing a kid's poop

The Contenders

11 Homosexuality
12 People Having a Negative Opinion About Something You Like
13 A Broken Arm
14 Sex
15 Dropping Food on the Floor

S second rule guys - Adventurur2

16 A Dog Doing a Trick
17 Kids Farting

Asians parents find little kids' farts hilarious but when an older kid does it they get offended by it

18 Sexual Harassment
19 Getting a B+

Mainly applies to Asian parents

Especially Asian parents

20 Falling

My parents will be like "you will break your back then end up paralyzed from the neck down and you'll end up in a wheelchair" even if I just fell ON MY KNEES

Yeah their like O MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY your parents will act like you are dying so be careful not to lose your footing in front of them ~Galaxy Meowth

21 People Having a Positive Opinion About Something You Dislike or Hate
22 Kids Coughing

Asian parents automatically assume that a kid will puke if they start coughing

23 Kids Sneezing

Asian parents automatically think their kid is sick if they sneeze ONLY ONCE...

24 Babies Burping
25 Being Offended
26 Downloading Music Online
27 Racist Cartoons
28 Kids Taking a Bath

Yeah like it’s cool to see a totally naked little kid... (Pedo! )

29 Babies and Toddlers Getting a Diaper Change

They also comment on their butts and privates and the contents of the diaper

30 The Contents of a Dirty Diaper

They be like “WOW! It’s a big poo-poo! ” “The poop is <insert color of poop here>, etc... very common with Asians...

31 Nude Toddlers

Very common with Asians...

32 Little Kids Drinking Milk

Mainly applies to Asians

Very common with Asians

33 Harmless Jokes

My high school special ed teacher yelled at the entire class because of this >:(

34 Snacks
35 Little Kids Eating

Mostly applies to Asians

36 Adults Doing Childish Things

I'm 26 and Like to ride coin operated horses for fun. My mom thinks that I look really stupid doing so >:(

37 Vomit

Once when I was like 11 or 12 and I was sick with a stomach virus or something and I threw up in the bathroom on the floor and when my mom saw the vomit she got really mad at me for it.

Sick people can't control when they're gonna vomit or not!

38 Getting a Tooth Pulled

When my little cousin got her baby teeth pulled, our relatives were all like "WOW you're so brave".

I wonder how they'll react if I got my wisdom tooth out in the future. Since they probably never experienced (or even heard of) wisdom teeth before, they'll all probably be like "! You got your tooth pulled? You're an adult! I told you eating too much sweets and candy will rot your teeth, etc..."

39 Accidents
40 Facial Redness

My parents do this often.

41 Hot Sauce

Once at a party I decided to put some hot sauce on my food and my relatives were all like “careful that’s spicy”

Come on, I’ve been eating spicy food since I was 1 YEAR OLD! >:(

42 Horror Movies

My mom is so superstitious that she thinks that horror movies will come to life during Ghost Month on the Lunar New Year (we're Chinese) and she forbids me to watch horror movies during that time of the year >:(

43 Vermin

Every time my sister sees a mouse or a cockroach in the houseshe lets out a high-pitched scream. SHE IS 20!

44 Accidentally Dropping Something

My mom YELLED at me after I accidentally knocked over a wine glass during a party once...

45 Leaking Bathtub

My bathtub is outdated and leaks. My dad constantly complains about it, yet refuses to renovate the bathroom.

46 Coughing

I was sick a few days prior, and after I get over my cold, I usually have a lingering cough a week or 2 afterwards. My dad thinks that if I don't go to the doctor, DEATH WILL OCCUR! Based on my experiences, I have recovered from this lingering cough NUMEROUS TIMES in the past.


47 Belching/Burping

EVERY SINGLE TIME that I burp (and saying "excuse me afterwards"), my parents reprimand me saying that I eat too much! >:(

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