Top 10 Dumbest Things People Say When They Don't Understand a Movie

We all watch movies, but when people don't fully understand a movie they talk rubbish. They simply don't give up that they didn't understand this.

Here's some of those what people say

The Top Ten

1 It's a boring movie

*cough cough* The Godfather haters *cough cough* - Martinglez

People say that the godfather is a boring movie.If it was boring then it wouldn't be the best movie ever.They think that movies that have action in it are the best. - zxm

2 It's overrated
3 You think that only you understand movies

You'll see that some people will say this to you when they don't understand movies. If you understood a movie and your friend say this it was bad then you could simply ask 'have you understood the movie' then they don't give up. They just give a rude reply - zxm

4 It was good but not great
5 How could you watch these movies?
6 Your choice is very boring
7 The story was lame
8 I watched only part of the movie
9 I was very tense at that time
10 I went to sleep

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11 Too much sex
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