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61 I Love Dora The Explorer

I love sarcasm, I guess we all have our own favorite shows.

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62 Is Sesame Street About A Street Filled With Sesame Seeds?

Yes, but if you go right there's plenty of hamburgers

It might as well be.


You only live once, unless you come back to life. - Skullkid755

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64 Is The Cleveland Show About Cleveland, Ohio? V 2 Comments
65 Where is the country of Africa?

It was a part of Atlantis, so it's buried deep underwater. Did you ever hear what happened? Some idiot broke the stabilizer with his stupidity. Who knew.

Africa is a Continent, Dumbass! Unless You're Talking About South Africa

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66 Is Ebola a country

Ebola is an Africa country *sarcasm* - 05yusuf09

No, it's a continent.

Please get my sarcasm here.

No stupid! It's a planet of course. Idiots. *God I love sarcasm*

No, stupid, it's an island - FireWasp2004

67 People Die when They Are Killed

No Duh, Captain Obvious. That's what "Killed" Means.

They do? All I ever believed in was a lie!

Dugh. They are DEAD already! - Neonco31

*mind blown* - FireWasp2004

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68 Get Shrekt.

Oh no, this guy got his jimmies rustled - SirSkeletorThe3rd

69 Shrek is love, Shrek is life V 2 Comments
70 If you loiter, you'll be charged with a mister meaner plain and simple
71 Is earthbound a game or a planet

It's the capital of the United States.

Please note the sarcasm.

It's a horse that lives in a mansion on mars. Duh.

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72 I love Teen Titans Go! It's so funny.

That's not dumb. It's just an opinion. Whoever added this, you sure have a useless brain. - JaysTop10List

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73 Does this sound familiar?

Yes, I rember hearing the word "this" throughout my childhood. How DID you know?

74 Stop the Meg Abuse
75 Mamma Mia I lost my Mama!
76 Damn Daniel
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