Top Ten Dumbest Things to Say to the Pizza Delivery Guy

The Top Ten

1 What's with all the bread? I asked for a pepper only!

This list makes me hungry... - gemcloben

2 Thanks a lot for coming. Get in the oven or you're dead!

Yum! Humans hope he left pizza for us before we cook him and eat him lol! - speed

Hahaaa, this is truly a threat. - 05yusuf09

I can't help it but laugh. This is funny. 😂

3 You can't charge me for what's not there! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I wanna do this so bad. He'll probably just glare at me though while laughing and telling him it's a joke. - MontyPython

4 Do I know you from high school? No, you wouldn't have got that far.

That's harsh

They're giving me pizza. I'm not going to be mean to them. - keycha1n

Ha ha if I'm successful in life I'd totally say this. But I probably wouldn't be eating that much pizza. Dang it! - MrQuaz680

If someone gives me free pizza, I would kiss them straight in the lips. That's how much I love it. - PizzaGuy

5 I didn't order a pizza! I ordered £50 million or I would kill the hostages!

Ohh! That sounds fun - speed

I said that and I failed epicley. - Delgia2k

6 Well, I know how much that was. It's a pity you don't need to pass nursery school maths to qualify as a pizza boy.
7 Do you find that pizzas ever talk to you...torment your soul? I'll show you...

That sounds like something a pizza/ghost Pokemon trainer would say

8 I know you keep corpses in that van...

I know you do, Timmy. Give me my pizza, Timmy.

9 Quick! The curry man's arrived!
10 Do you sell crystal meth?

Would be nice if the pizza guy sells cocaine. - Delgia2k

The Contenders

11 Would you like to make a baby
12 Say something funny or I give your tip to my daughter.

I voted for my own entry. Is that wrong?

I said it and he took my pizza

13 Krusty krab pizza

Did this and the guy started singing with me

The krrrueuuueuuueuuusty crab pizza is for you and me

The kruse Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me

14 Can I have a discount?

NAO! NO DISCOUNTS FOR YOU! *slams door* - RiverClanRocks

15 I don't like ethnic food!
16 Too Late. . . The Pizza Is Free


17 Oops! Wrong house we didn't order pizza we ordered hamburgers, next time probably!
18 No.
19 Oh, no, see, I'm allergic to pizza
20 I like donuts, not pizza!

Well I have donuts too! Don't CARE!

21 There's nothing like a good nut!!
22 Where are the pineapples?
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