Top Ten Dumbest Things to Say to a Shy Person


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1 "Why are you shy?"

Mind your own business. Why do you care? - Randomator

I dunno, why is the sky blue? Yeesh, we can't help it. It's who we are.

2 "Stop being shy."

"No, how about you shut up." Is what I'd like to say sometimes.

3 "Do you speak to your parents?"

Of course I do! I would probably be in therapy or somethin if I didn't. - DapperPickle

No, I don't like speaking to anyone but my best friend. - KianaLexi

4 "Oh boy,this guy talks too much."

Jeez Kyle, you talk to much. - Therandom

5 "Say hi!"

Argh! Please no! This is so true! As soon as certain people realise I'm the shy type, they immediately say "Say hi..." Or worse: "Give us a smile..." I feel awkward just reading this item. - Britgirl

Nu uh, no! I hate it when people start teasing and saying "smile" and crap.

No,I will just silently stare at you especially to piss you off. - DapperPickle

6 "Now, you don't have a group, so go with the one you like the least."

Half the people in my class have some kind of problem - DapperPickle

7 "You don't talk,do you?"

This kid asked my friend if she ever talked. It was pretty dumb, considering they're both in the same class. - PeachyBlast

9 "How do you get dates?"
10 "Why not you just bloody talk?"

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11 "Can you speak English?"
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