Top Ten Dumbest Things to Say at Your First Job Interview

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1 Can I get the job without a question?

Err... nope. Is the short answer. - PositronWildhawk

2 Your office stinks.
3 Who the hell farted here?

Haha! FARTED! Haha! Also love "Can I tickle you all? " I actually would like to try that - it sounds like a fun thing to do...

This crap crazy hell

4 So you bald men are going to interview me. Huh!

Erhurm...Well...Yes...Do you have a problem with bald men?

5 Can I tickle you all?

Tickling desires can be overpowering, I guess. - Kiteretsunu

6 You all aren't worthy enough to interview me

You all aren't worthy enough to interview me so I'll just leave, so long! - funnyuser

You would be fired before you even got the job if you said this - Gamer4life

7 Hey, I want some beer here. Bring it immediately!

What if you want to be a bartender... ? - DapperPickle

8 I don't have much time so please be quick with the interview, understand.
9 F*** you

Ooo.Anger issues...The camera will Love It! You're so in.

10 Shut up

Why yes oh majestic pain in my ass I
Will definitely hire you for you wonderful insight.

So anyway, what are-
Shut up.
.. Excuse me-
Shut up.
... - MontyPython

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11 I'm responsible for a major shooting at a freakin' kids school

I'm pretty sure you'd get a free ride... in a police car! - Turkeyasylum

Dun dun dun... And if your already in trouble

12 Can I punch you?
13 Don't worry, I will resist punching you.
14 Can I kiss your wife?
15 Your toilet is so dirty. I could see poop distributed all around. Were they yours?
16 What's the name of your girlfriend/boyfriend? I want the phone number.
17 Pound sand
18 Mind if you suck my toe?
19 Can I have a raise?
20 I was previously fired
21 Is there an elephant in the room?
22 A little birdie told me
23 I have curtains for you
24 I beat a dead horse
25 You're crap
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