room 101: benefits

gemcloben Now we talk about those who are on benefits from the government (also known as the dole). People who have no jobs and no money get money from the government. This is insane and I will explain why.

Here are some cases I may accept: some people look for jobs and they have trouble finding a job. These people are trying but cannot do this, therefore they are actually still doing something. But those who don't get a job until they are about 40, this is unacceptable. But I have a friend with a very tragic case. A few years ago, his father died, so his mother is on benefits. This is OK.

First of all, I would like to say some of the quotes from the people who are on benefits. First, "I have been on benefits all my life, I'm just used to it", "I have many problems so I have to have the money" and also "Why get a job, this gets me more money?".

Well, first, we shall talk about those idiots who complain it is their way of life. You can change, just because you have always been like this, still attempt to change and to get a job! And I also hate it when they complain when the money the "earn" from getting benefits goes down, WELL GET A JOB THEN!

Now, those who fake mental illnesses to get additional benefits. I already made a blog post in this series about those who fake mental illnesses, but these take advantage of this myth. I saw someone on TV who had a terrible life so she blamed it in depression, this is ridiculous. Also, a woman got more money because her son had autism, he probably had "autism" because of his bad upbringing on benefits.

Finally, we talk about those who truly annoy me, those whose counter argument is something like "I get less money if I get a job", well then, this is just pure laziness and people like this should be punished somehow. They cannot get a job to get some money, who cares if you get more on benefits, you are contributing to society with a job, and you earn it instead of sitting on your sofa doing nothing. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO STUFF!

So now we have seen how these lazy wastes of space contribute nothing to society by sitting around on benefits, you should have excuses first. So if you don't read my room 101 series, this is how it works: you write in the comments whether you agree or disagree with this blog post. Thank you for reading! Next on room 101: religion.


I cannot wait for the religion post!

Yeah, I think that it's okay to have benefits when you're in your early 20s, but it's just ridiculous once you get to 30. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks for your opinion - gemcloben