Top 10 Dumbest Things Schools Have

Because there are problems with the school system that can be improved on. This is not to insult, but rather constructive criticism.

The Top Ten

1 School uniforms School uniforms

First, they are a Waste of money. Can't the schools at least just give them to students for free? I sorely wish that was the case. You continue the chain of disadvantages - SpectralOwl

Homework at least helps you practice skills, uniforms waste money

The schools who have uniforms then cut sports or something due to budget... why not get rid of school uniforms instead. It’s a complete waste of money - Randomator

2 Homework Homework

Besides, Home and work are opposites. Since when did someone think it was okay to combine them in a compound word? - SpectralOwl

3 The "the clock doesn't excuse you, I do" rule

So are bells just hourly unexpectednesses? - SpectralOwl

Then you will be late to your next class - lovefrombadlands

Then what’s the point of the bells? To remind you that class is over but you can’t leave - Randomator

4 Lazy substitute teachers

I like some substitute teachers. My problem is that I have to sit through these obnoxious kids bullying the substitute. - 445956

They just give you a random assignment totally unrelated to the unit just to keep students busy. what?! - SpectralOwl

Some aren’t that bad. Mostly it’s a free day - Randomator

Yeah, but what are you to do if they don't allow devices and they sit there and do lazy stuff? - SpectralOwl

5 Final exams Final exams

After you studied so hard and you have forgotten those answers to the questions to the test, guess what? You're toast. Teacher will expect you and the students to do the best not to get an A plus. You have to pass the test if you want to get this over with.

School poster "Don't stress, do your best! "
Me: Who put this up? Someone who skipped class during those damn exams? - SpectralOwl

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t worth like half the points in the class. It’s basically an all or nothing scenario. - Randomator

6 English class after elementary school

Yes, I know and highly acknowledge how important it is to read and write, but why is it a required class even after elementary school? Its not like we lived in the country and still can't even communicate in the native language, because it's now just an excuse to make the authors famous. I like theatre, though. - SpectralOwl

7 Rules against allowing headwear

To honor the flag? Really? - SpectralOwl

Why couldn’t we just take it off for the pledge of allegiance then put it back on - Randomator

8 Fire drills Fire drills

Maybe one per 3 months or something - Randomator

Can you at least do any of these things: 1. Make them not unnecessarily loud. 2 limit them to once a year. 3. warn students about them. 4. not have any drills after elementary school? They do none of those things, and again, why are the fire drills so loud?! - SpectralOwl

9 The rule where the whole class gets in trouble just because one person did something wrong The rule where the whole class gets in trouble just because one person did something wrong

That is seriously unfair and downright evil. Quite often the only thing to come out of this is the entire class brutally ganging up on the one kid who broke the rules - bullying is a big enough problem in schools as is! - Entranced98

So what?! We did nothing wrong, stop trying to make us angry at one poor kid. Do teachers who enforce this not realize this is bullying?! - SpectralOwl

10 Handwritten assignments and tests Handwritten assignments and tests

I heavily prefer typing over handwriting, due to it having less pain for your hands, easier to erase mistakes, faster to complete, and neater when getting stuff out and putting away. However, english classes sometimes emphasize handwriting and that it helps you "Remember better". Honestly, that sounds like a myth - SpectralOwl

This is the year 2018. Can we move into the 21st century and eliminate paper and pencil so we can save trees? - Randomator

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