Top Ten Dumbest Things You Believed As a Kid

Do you know what is the weirdest thing you believed as a child? Put it here!

The Top Ten

1 Eat a watermelon seed and a watermelon will grow in your stomach

Technically, if you were to eat a watermelon seed, it would dissolve because your stomach acid is to strong. Plus, if the could happen, the watermelon would still dissolve, and on top of that, it grows very slowly. - cdxtreme

My mom said you would get a baby... - Lucretia

What does that even mean?

2 You will keep getting taller as you get older

It's kinda true but when you get older at some points you start to get shorter...

I thought people just kept on getting taller as a race - Lucretia

3 The whole world was black and white

I thought some was black and white and some was color - Lucretia

I asked my parents when god made us have color -

4 People were inside the T.V.

Well now you never know - Curti2594

I thought you could take stuff from the T.V.. - Lucretia

People were indside is the best

5 People who are at the top of Earth stay up while others at the bottom fall down.

Explained why I always wanted to live in the borth pole so I would never fall off the earth... I remember distinctly thinking that - Lucretia

6 Santa Claus

I can't believe I used to believe this Bologna

7 Dora the Explorer was a good show
8 When you played video games, if you played against the computer, it will realize you are good and therefore play better

Are you sure that's not true I swear the racers on MySimsRacing are improving as much as I am!? - happyhappyjoyjoy

I used to think "the computer" in videogames was actually real people playing against you.

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9 There are ants inside of kiwi fruit

Well there are! At least in the one I've just eaten! - Britgirl

10 Chocolate Milk Came from Brown Cows

I thought they colored it with markers... - Lucretia

Ain't that the truth? Heh heh heh...

The Contenders

11 Rock and Roll is the Devil's Music
12 Dogs speak

I used to believe this, probably because 50% of the movies I watched at one point involved a talking dog. - Swellow

13 You were not born but bought

I thout you bought kids and could give them away - Lucretia

14 God

Never believed in god but thought their might be heaven, how stupid was I to think that - Lucretia

Ain't that the truth? Heh heh heh...

Yeah until I actually learned the truth

15 Tooth Fairy

Looked foward to watching my teeth turn into money... my mom would leave it on the stove and buy me something - Lucretia

16 The Boogeyman
17 Unicorns

I thought all horses were secretly them. - Lucretia

18 All of reality is a TV show

I thought it was a book - Lucretia

19 Water is an alien's weakness
20 The Easter Bunny is real
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