The Dumbest Things You Can Be Punished for at School


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1 Wearing a Hat or Hood

Why can't we just put our hoods back on after saying the pledge, ugh, pointless words

What is like, the big problem with wearing a hat or hood? I like totally never understood the whole idea behind not like wearing it 2 school. maybe because they r afraid of what can b placed under the hat or hood, but that is never like practical or anything. - Nonpointed

Okay I get taking it off for the pledge of allegiance but why can’t we put it on after that? I never understood why hats and hoods are “disrespectful” in a building - Randomator

It goes back hundreds of years, it is just considered a gently thing to do. - Stalin

2 Being Tardy

My high school gives out detention to students that are only ONE SECOND LATE.

It makes sense but sometimes it’s not your fault. Like what if there’s a car wreck and the road is closed? Or what if your car won’t start? Or what if the weather is bad? - Randomator

3 Eating Lunch Somewhere Other Than the Cafeteria
4 Having a Fight Near School Grounds
5 Talking Even When Everyone is Done with Their Work
6 Cutting in Line Even When the Person Allows You Too
7 Sharing Food

This is so stupid in elementary school the rule was if you didn't have enough for everybody then don't share at all - BreakFastBeast2005

We used to be punished for this in elementary school.

8 Not Signing a Form Handed by the Teacher
9 Wearing Sunglasses to School
10 Dying Your Hair

The Contenders

11 Defending a Blind Kid from a Bully
12 Calling Out a Teacher When They are Wrong

This is the worst of them all. I can understand if u don't know facts but if it is a teacher's opinion then it's their opinion but getting a de10tion for it isn't practical. - Nonpointed

13 Self-defense
14 Breathing Loudly
15 Coughing
16 Reading this list
17 Saying a Harmless Word

I got in trouble with my high school special ed teacher just because I said the words "horse" and "Disney"

18 Going to the Bathroom
19 Visiting Your Favorite Teacher
20 Drawing When You are Bored
21 Messy Classroom
22 Something Another Student Did

Once I got suspended because another kid put stuff in my backpack when I wasn't looking

23 Having Your Backpack with You

My high school special ed teacher got mad at the whole class just because we had our backpacks with us in the room.

24 Crying
25 Asking to Go to the Bathroom
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