The Dumbest Things You Can Be Punished for at School


The Top Ten

1 Wearing a Hat or Hood

What is like, the big problem with wearing a hat or hood? I like totally never understood the whole idea behind not like wearing it 2 school. maybe because they r afraid of what can b placed under the hat or hood, but that is never like practical or anything. - Nonpointed

Okay I get taking it off for the pledge of allegiance but why can’t we put it on after that? I never understood why hats and hoods are “disrespectful” in a building - Randomator

2 Being Tardy

It makes sense but sometimes it’s not your fault. Like what if there’s a car wreck and the road is closed? Or what if your car won’t start? Or what if the weather is bad? - Randomator

3 Eating Lunch Somewhere Other Than the Cafeteria
4 Having a Fight Near School Grounds
5 Talking Even When Everyone is Done with Their Work
6 Cutting in Line Even When the Person Allows You Too
7 Sharing Food

We used to be punished for this in elementary school. - AnimeDrawer

8 Not Signing a Form Handed by the Teacher
9 Wearing Sunglasses to School
10 Defending a Blind Kid from a Bully

The Contenders

11 Dying Your Hair
12 Calling Out a Teacher When They are Wrong

This is the worst of them all. I can understand if u don't know facts but if it is a teacher's opinion then it's their opinion but getting a de10tion for it isn't practical. - Nonpointed

13 Self-defense
14 Breathing Loudly
15 Coughing
16 Reading this list
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