Dumbest Things You Can Do


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1 Try to Climb Down a Chimney

No one can be that stupid but Worlds Dumbest proved me wrong when a guy got stuck climbing down a Chimney to be with a woman he was in love with. - egnomac

Who climbs down peoples Chimney's and you don't live at the North Pole.


How F****** stupid do you have to be to climb down a chimney there is only one person who should be climbing down chimney's and that is Santa Clause.

2 Try to Jump Over Your House On a Ramp You Built Yourself

My Cousin tried that once and the ramp broke. - ZZDOORAL

3 Stick Your Hand In a Deep Fryer


4 Hold a Soda Can In Your Hand an Allowing Your Friend to Cut It With a Japanese Sword

I saw this on an episode of Worlds Dumbest the guy ended up cutting his hand. - egnomac

Although I'm a big fan of The Smoking Gun Presents Worlsds Dumbest, I haven't seen it on there. I've seen it on a different show, I think it was Tosh.O - Danielsun182

5 Try to Make Love to Park Bench

Believe it or not this actually happened to a man in Hong Kong. - egnomac

Hmm...not something I'd try myself but I have this image in my head.. And it's just making me laugh. Some people...The mind boggles. Truly. - Britgirl

6 Stick Your Head In a Gator's Mouth

People Shouldn't act That surprise when a Gator snaps down on some moron when they stick their head in their mouths, I mean how would you feel to have some idiot stick their head in your mouth. - egnomac

If your dumb enough to stick your head in a gators mouth then you deserve to get bit.

That's right, I've seen it

Yep. That's up there. Really stupid thing to do. - PositronWildhawk

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7 Try to Jump Over a Bonfire
8 Go Down a Set of Stairs In a Cardboard Box

Hey... ant man did it

I've done the once, I ended up breaking my ankle. It looks like it would be fun but trust me, it's not.

9 Leave Your Keys In Your Car With the Doors Locked and the Car Running
10 Mistake a Bidet for a Toilet

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11 Use Drugs

The dumbest thing ever! Why on earth isn't this first? Growl. - HezarioSeth

12 Convert to Islam

You are stupid Muslims are better than what you think go to a mosk and see for yourself you are an ideate don't ever think that again Muslims are the best there is so don't post that again or I will god will punish u

13 Take a Bath In the Kitchen Sink at a Fast Food Restaurant

I saw that on the Smoking gunns worlds dumbest you had to know that guy was gonna get fired along with everyone involved. - ZZDOORAL

14 Stick Your Hand in a Fan

I think I did this once as a kid...

15 Watch Phineas and Ferb


Phineas and Ferb is just way too repetitive. Phineas and Ferb is the worst show I've ever seen on Disney Channel. It IS that bad. DON'T ever watch it, please. It's not worth it.

I like this show. Feel free to say that I'm wrong, I don't care, you can't change my opinion.

16 Hate The Amazing World of Gumball

I love the Amazing World of Gumball, and a lot of people do. Why in the hell are there people who hate it?

You wouldn't hate a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa, would you hate a masterpiece like this?

17 Run From the Cops

WHY do so many people think they can outrun the police, no matter how hard you try they will catch you in the End. - egnomac

18 Attempt the Bullet Trick

Its not a real magic trick its just being really really lucky. - egnomac

19 Try to Sprint Down Stairs

I've done this many times and it always ends in tears - of my embarrassment and of onlookers laughter. I'll learn one day. - Britgirl

20 Drink And Drive
21 Prancercise
22 Love The Amazing World of Gumball
23 Beg for Mermaid Spells to Become a Mermaid
24 Cut the Cheese In Large Crowds
25 Running Over a Surface With Lots of Legos Scattered Everywhere Barefooted
26 Press the Button Saying "Don't Press Me"

I've done it one time don't do it

27 Giving Dogs Chocolate
28 Change the TV Channel When Your Parents Are Watching Something
29 Pick Up Some Food and Throw It at Someone at a Fancy and Posh Restaurant
30 Vandalize Wikipedia
31 Poop in a Coffin
32 Stab Your Friend
33 Eat a Dog
34 Human Centipede
35 Read this list
36 Go to Jail
37 Watch Cartoons
38 Jump Off a Bridge on Fire and Get Hit by a Bus
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