Top Ten Dumbest Tips On How to Stop Being Bullied

You know what sucks about being a victim of bullying? Being told ways to stop bullying that's more unhelpful than having a broken compass.

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1 Remember that the bullies are jealous of you

Bullies actually do target people who they are jealous of. Most of the time it's because they are afraid that the particular person might outdo them in certain aspect. This shows what big cowards bullies are actually. - Kiteretsunu

How is that supposed to stop someone from bullying you?

2 Tell the bully to stop

A bully is not going to care about anything. They are just going to laugh and it's a sign that you are getting agitated. That's just the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The next time I'm getting stab, I'll just ask the murder to just stop, I bet he will stop! - SuperHyperdude

Yeah like that's going to happen - John2001

3 Don't do anything that will make the bullies bully you.

So I gotta throw my head and my body away

A bully bullies people for the lulz you idiot! They don't analyse a person and they will just do it. They do it because they think it's funny. It's like a murderer, they do it because they are psychotic people who are self induced of thmeselves. Bullies are bullies. - SuperHyperdude

4 When a bully approaches you it's a "good" idea to stand near a teacher or any adult

Bullies are going to laugh at you and may use that to bully you. Again, don't treat any adult like a bodyguard because that will make you more reluctant to just lower your self esteem. - SuperHyperdude

5 Feel pity for bullies

Sometimes, it's hard to feel pity on an ass, especially if they've done stupid and awful things to you. No matter what, I just can't help myself but NOT feel pity towards those who bullied me.

I couldn't help it, so I took pity on a bully once and got beaten up - Animefan12

Why? No reason, they are the ones attackin you

6 After you tell someone what happened, make sure you keep it as a secret

Tell one and only one about your issues and keep it away from everyone? What happened to "be a snitch and tell everyone about" tip, although that tip is stupid, that other tip is just as bad. It's another isolation tip and again, that person might not be the most ideal people to talk to. Everybody's different and don't expect to just trust every adult ever. - SuperHyperdude

You're supposed to tell all the people that you trust what happen, not just one. - ruJILLous

7 Ignore them

How the heck is this supposed to work? It's even worse than telling the bully to stop! - Minecraftcrazy530

If you ignore them, the bully would tell other bullies that he is a coward and more bullies will bully you

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8 Analyze that the bully may have a mental disorder or a problem

So I should just let the bully torment me because they have autism or bipolar. I hate people who use mental disorder or a disease as a sympathetic tool to make people sorry for them. It does not give them the right to do these type of stuff, they're humans and don't use the argument "they just can't help themselves" because they can damn well control it, they're aware what they're doing.

I don't care about what sort of problem they have, if they did something bad, they did something bad. Don't shove "respect everyone with care and respect" because they don't deserve it. They are humans and every human's actions has consequences. - SuperHyperdude

That's why some people are bullies. They bully bevause they're afraid people will make fun of them for what they have. Regardless, it's not an excuse to not defend yourself from them. - ruJILLous

9 Make sure you stay away from the bully as much as possible.

So make your kid as much of a coward as possible. You're making kids bingo absolute cowards, you are literally reluctantly making your kids live a life of hiding into closets and not being able to play with friends.

People say that bullies are just cowards but doing that is also a sign of cowardice. What happened of "standing up for yourself" and proving that you are independent and strong? - SuperHyperdude

Standing up for yourself is the best thing you can do. Talk with someone about it, like a parent or friend, but in the end, you should be able to tell the bully to stop because they're not always going to be there for you. Running away from a problem is like running away from a bullet; it's still going to kill you in the end.

Doing that means YOU are also a coward

10 Tell every adult about it and they will "work it out"

Depending on what context that it means, it's not always a good idea. Doing this constantly just proves that you don't have the guts to actually stand up for yourself. It's not a case of "always trust adults because they know their stuff way more than anyone else" because sometimes, they don't know what problem it is and don't think because they're older, they suddenly know everything.

This tip makes kids less independent and lives a life of hiding away from everyone and only trust adults like you're school snitches. - SuperHyperdude

The best they would probably do is tell the guidance counselor. After about 15 minutes of a made-up sob story, the bully will then torment you about telling behind the teachers back.

I feel like this method would never work. And while I'm out of my situation, I kept it a secret. Didn't want to cause worry. - keycha1n

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11 Become a bully yourself and they won't bully you

When I was in 1st grade I punched a kid that was bullying me. He ended up bleeding and had to go to the hospital. I ended up getting in trouble.

Are you serious -_- - SammySpore

12 Have more Swag


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