Top Ten Dumbest Total Drama Characters

The Top Ten Dumbest Total Drama Characters

1 Lindsay

Why is Lindsay even here! She outsmarted Courtney and she was a super cool leader in action and took things that other people didn't consider like the fact that Beth should be the killer since she couldn't scream. Defiantly smarter than the people here. Like the fact that she can tell the difference between a girl and a boy and that she isn't the greatest thing on earth. As Harold would say " Gosh! "

No doubt that Lindsay's dumb, but to Lindsay fans out there, not in a Lightning manner. She's only dumb academically, really.

Lindsay is really dumb. She forgets people's names. - cosmo

She should be #1! - THEGreatLordOfAll

2 Lightning

At least Lindsay can tell the diffence between a boy and girl?

When I made this list, I thought Lindsay would keep the #1 spot as a landslide! Guess I was wrong!

Lindsay is way smarter than all the people on this list!

Can someone really mistake a mime for a German clown?

3 Leonard

Leonard is definitely the dumbest Total Drama character. He doesn't know the difference between real and make believe, he lives in his own world to the point where it's creepy.

Lindsay knows the difference between fiction and relatitiy

Leonard is number 1 for sure.

He is weird creepy and should e number one

4 Owen

Why is Owen even on the Top 20? He is smart and helped his team win countless challenges, such as the very first episode. Hello. Sure he lost his team challenges as well, but he has a big heart. How else do you think Owen won the season. Most characters get eliminated if they lose the challenge for their team, but Owen manages to fix everything.

Owen's so dumb he ate a cheese raft

Who is the idiot who put him here

Why did you put Owen up here man he is smart

5 Sugar

She doesn't even know how to spell the word gone... - Turkeyasylum

Love sugar, but also the dumbest

Gawn isn't right g-o-n-e gone!

Confuses trains with buses

And even said: two words, wiz-ard, even though that 2 SYLLIBALS not WORDS!

6 Justin

Justin is all looks and no brain. He spends all this time using girls but when Courtney uses him he's totally clueless.

I wouldn't say he's dumb. He's not a strong competitor though. - Therandom

Too full of himself and just didn't act smart. Well, he acted dumb, stupid, estúpido you could say. I think he's ugly too

7 Blaineley

Stupid mildred.

8 Max

Finally someone sees the world through my eyes!

Dumbest guy he my least favorite

Why is he here? He is so funny when he was evil!

9 Anne Maria

Anne Maria makes Lindsay look like a genius! I think it's all that hairspray.

Very, very pretty but not too bright.

10 Beardo

He definitely has some issues.

The Contenders

11 Katie
12 Ezekiel
13 Sadie

Oh my gosh gosh gosh!

14 Jo

She is so dumb that she doesn't know how to put on makeup

Finally someone put her on here

She friendly fired scott

15 Chris

Why? He is a genius! An evil genius! I voted for Lindsay. - THEGreatLordOfAll

He's an evil genius. - Therandom

His challenges are genius,except his puns for some reason... - DapperPickle

16 Courtney

Courtney is too busy being arrogant and egotistical that she gets outsmarted by even Lindsay.

She is dumb! She expected duncan to be a perfect boyfriend after giving him 32 pages of how to be good! - Gwuncan


What is WRONG with you people?! Part of Courtney’s STEREOTYPE is that she’s smart. The “Type A”. And calling her “Arrogant” and “Bossy” NOT MAKE HER DUMB! And maybe the 32 pages of how to be the perfect boyfriend was a bit over-the-top, but she got SERIOUS karma for it: BY BEING VOTED OUT OF THAT SEASON BY DUNCAN. And you get all hung up over the fact that Lindsay outsmarted her ONCE, but that does not mean Courtney couldn’t outsmart Lindsay 20 times. that's WHY SHES IN #1! HER STEREOTYPE IS LITERALLY THE “DUMB BLONDE! ”! Granted, she is my second favorite total drama character of all time to Courtney... Ah, whatever.

17 Chef Hatchet

He doesn't know how to cook

18 Izzy

She's crazy she's crazier than anyone

What the heal she's crazy

Actually her iq has been revealed and is the highest of any iq in the show that has been revealed her iq is 188 - Shartfart

Depends on if she's Brainzilla or not... Brainzilla'a a genuis. - Turkeyasylum

19 Sasquatchanakwa
20 Rodney

He thought he had a relationship with jasmine and he cried when he broke up with her

21 Cody

He didn't notice the bag of chips had a hole so he got attacked by a bear

When he was injured he thought no body would vote for him

22 Duncan

For the one that said that Duncan cheated on Courtney for Gwen, I don't think that was dumb. Don't get me wrong, I like Courtney and her relationship with Duncan, heck it's my favorite relationship, but Duncan kind of made a safe choice considering Courtney gave him a 32 page list to be the perfect boyfriend (aka the time the relationship hits its low point). Duncan is not that dumb, even though people, namely Courtney, calls him dumb.

For cheating on a diamond with a rock.

He very dumb

23 Staci

Staci thinks everyone loves hearing her lies and talking when she is annoying. She is very dumb for thinking that.


24 Leshawna

Are you kidding? Leshawna is one of the smartest characters. She is super nice and I think she should have been an all star!

She gets by on having a big butt and boobs.

25 DJ

One time he ran away screaming when he didn't see the killer and the rest of them did

26 Eva

My anger always gets the better of me

27 Bridgette

One time she kissed a pole

28 Beth

Here's the thing... she wasn't present for when Chris mentioned about Boney Island's curse, so she couldn't have known about it. And yes, she did realize that Heather was using her. She even spent two whole episodes getting back at Heather for it, including conspiring with Leshawna and Lindsay to lock Heather in a freezer room.

Beth stole a tiki head specifically after Chris said she would be cursed. Not only that but she was too dumb to realize Heather was using her the whole time.

29 Amy

She got outsmarted by her sister not so smart now.

30 Gwen's Mom

*Sighs very aggressively towards the comment below*

Gwen ain't a hoe, she liked a boy (And she tried to conceal her crush) but that doesn't make her a hoe. She wasn't even dating anyone at that moment

Besides, if Gwen WAS a hoe (which she is not! ) that wouldn't make her mother dumb

For giving birth to a hoe.

31 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

She didn't act very practical when she carried around a human slave and expected everyone to be cool with it

Samey brings the whole "dumb blonde" thing to a whole different level. She makes Lindsay look like a genius.

32 Spud

Spud is not intelligent at all.

33 Trent

He goes psycho in TDA, and starts to lose his mind and do dumb things, such as purposely lose challenges knowing it could get him voted off.

His 9 obsession is dumb and obsessive.

34 Dave

He thinks Sky wants to date him and keep being desperate when it's obvious she doesn't want to date.

35 Tyler

Tyler is overall very dumb

36 Geoff
37 Ella
38 Gwen


Here we go again:

Gwen tried to conceal her crush for Duncan for Courtney, so they can continue being friends.

If Gwen wasn't taught one word, that doesn't make her stupid for not knowing every word in the dictionary.

Gwen only had two known boyfriends (Only Trent and Duncan) and, mind you, so did Courtney. (Duncan and Scott). Judging by your comments, I'd assume some of you like Courtney, so the person who made this comment pretty much called Courtney dumb.

I rest my case.

Gwen is the dumbest of them all. She was never taught the word homewrecker.

I want this to be number 1 so bad! Even Lindsay knows what the word boundaries are.

Hey Gwen, I heard you go through guys more than you change clothes.

39 Harold

He's not dumb, just too trusting and inexperienced.

He is very gulliable. I'm sure Duncan and Geoff pranked him at least 20 times.

40 Kelly

Taylor's mom is totally clueless.

41 Ryan

He has a great body, but no brains. He's basically eye candy.

42 Devin

Devin doesn't acknowledge the fact that Carrie has feelings for him. He's pretty clueless.

43 Laurie

She's always on that hookah. You can tell she is one high hippie. Peace signs all in her head.

44 Topher

He thinks he's Chris and that his cat is chef lol!

45 Brick

He means well but he's a little ditzy Lol! In an adorable way of course.

46 Sammy

Sammy brings the whole "dumb blonde" thing to a whole new level. She makes Lindsay look like a genius.

47 Tom
48 Miles
49 Crimson

She is scared of her boyfriends face when he isn't wearing makeup. That is pretty dumb thinking right there.

50 Scott

Scott makes dirt look smart.

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