Top Ten Dumbest Total Drama Characters

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21 Harold

He's not dumb, just too trusting and inexperienced.

He is very gulliable. I'm sure Duncan and Geoff pranked him at least 20 times.

22 Kelly

Taylor's mom is totally clueless.

23 Ryan

He has a great body, but no brains. He's basically eye candy.

24 Devin

Devin doesn't acknowledge the fact that Carrie has feelings for him. He's pretty clueless.

25 Laurie

She's always on that hookah. You can tell she is one high hippie. Peace signs all in her head.

26 Topher

He thinks he's Chris and that his cat is chef lol!

27 Brick

He means well but he's a little ditzy Lol! In an adorable way of course.

28 Samey

Samey brings the whole "dumb blonde" thing to a whole different level. She makes Lindsay look like a genius.

29 Sammy

Sammy brings the whole "dumb blonde" thing to a whole new level. She makes Lindsay look like a genius.

30 Beardo

He definitely has some issues.

31 Courtney

Courtney is too busy being arrogant and egotistical that she gets outsmarted by even Lindsay.

32 Tom
33 Spud V 1 Comment
34 Trent

He goes psycho in TDA, and starts to lose his mind and do dumb things, such as purposely lose challenges knowing it could get him voted off.

His 9 obsession is dumb and obsessive.

35 Miles
36 Crimson

She is scared of her boyfriends face when he isn't wearing makeup. That is pretty dumb thinking right there.

37 Scott V 1 Comment
38 Gwen


Here we go again:

Gwen tried to conceal her crush for Duncan for Courtney, so they can continue being friends.

If Gwen wasn't taught one word, that doesn't make her stupid for not knowing every word in the dictionary.

Gwen only had two known boyfriends (Only Trent and Duncan) and, mind you, so did Courtney. (Duncan and Scott). Judging by your comments, I'd assume some of you like Courtney, so the person who made this comment pretty much called Courtney dumb.

I rest my case.

Gwen is the dumbest of them all. She was never taught the word homewrecker.

I want this to be number 1 so bad! Even Lindsay knows what the word boundaries are.

Hey Gwen, I heard you go through guys more than you change clothes.

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