Top Ten Dumbest Total Drama: Pahkitew Island Characters

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1 Leonard

You gotta admit he's kinds funny - simpsondude

He was funny for awhile I admit that. But it's kinda scary that he really believes he's a wizard. - Darellfat

He thinks he's a wizard. Good he was voted of second. this guys dumb

I kinda like this guy, in fact, maybe he should be a real magician instead of a wizard geek. That would make him interesting!

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2 Max

No he's pretty funny

When he says "evil" with the crazy voice I crack up like Sugar does

Max is REALLY dumb. I really hate him

Max is a complete joke

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3 Sugar

Very bad antagonist in season 6.

Just a honey boo boo wannabe

Honey Boo Boo Parody's kinda funny

She is even worse than Heather.

4 Rodney

Don't know how he play so far -. -

I don't know why rodney and shawn are on here they are my two favorite characters I like rodney's name and shawn's personality

Rodney is funny in my opinion. But it looks like he's a one season wonder. - Darellfat

He should be dumber than Leonard. - KyleMan2000

5 Amy

Says she is the brains, yet screws up French with German. Verdict: IQ of an ink cartridge.

6 Beardo

Not very bright or talkative. But still my favorite on pakhitew

7 Shawn

Shawn is awesome why is he here I knew he was gonna win. AND HE DID!

But I love Shawn! :(

Shawn is hilarious! (Spoiler alert:he wins pahkitew island)"In my mind I'm always running from zombies and if your not your crazy! Anyway I grabbed some soup. Cream of broccoli aww"hilarious

He was the worst person ever!

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8 Chris

Chris was really dumb that season that it's starting to get on my nerves - MeaganSaysHI

Chris' ego doesn't make him dumb. Harsh, but not dumb

9 Ella

Ella darling, a princess does not live in an apartment.

Pahkitew Island sucks ass, seriously.

I love Ella! :(

10 Dave

Dave should be higher on this list. The way he acted towards Sky made her snap, causing him to lose his chances with her

I hate how Dave turned out to be so evil.

The Contenders

11 Topher
12 Sky

Sky is smart, street-wise and probably book-wise but I need to point out this:

"Sky is hot! Why is she even on this list? "

I don't think that's exactly what this list is about.

"OH! I forgot I had a boyfriend! " 'enough said - taishisohma

Her, Jasmine Dave And Sammy are the only ones who don't deserve to be in a mental hospital. - DapperPickle

Sky is hot! Why is she even on this list?

13 Scarlett

She is the best when she turned evil

14 Samey Samey

Why is Sammy here? How is she dumb. That was brilliant what she did with the apple.

Samey shouldn't be on this list

Samey was dumb to let Amy bully her all those years and not do anything about it.

15 Chef Hatchet
16 Jasmine

All she could talk about is how Shawn better split the money with her. It made her look really bad and like a gold digger.

Girl you hot but not real bright.

She's a gold digger!

17 Mickey

Who is putting characters from TD:RR here? TD:RR is supposed to be a complete diff show!

18 Junior
19 Bridgette Bridgette

I know she wasn't a contestant on this season, I just feel like she would have fit really well on it, I would have loved to see her interact with these characters, or at least make an appearance.

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