Top 10 Dumbest Tweets On Twitter

Some people on Twitter can be very stupid. Don't expect all to be smart.

The Top Ten

1 I rather kill myself than commit suicide

I rather be killed than be a victim of a homicide. - MrCoolC

You guys should be on r/wosh - DarkBoi-X

Those are the same things. - Connor360

I'd rather commit suicide than kill myself! You and me are gonna have a rivalry! - TwilightKitsune

2 I only have sex at night so the sperm is asleep and I won't get pregnant.

I guess someone clearly didn't pay attention in sex Ed class - Randomator

Seriously girl? - bobbythebrony

I hope her egg cell is asleep, too.

3 Why can gays have sex while I can't have sex with my son

I've heard that if you get pregnant from incest, you're child is really messed up. - djpenquin999

Hope all these Tweets aren't real. All of them are stupid but hilarious! - Alpha101

Someone... call the cops. - 5low5talker

4 I want my first daughter to be a girl

But I want my daughter to be a boy. - MrCoolC

Well, you're in luck! - 5low5talker

I want my first son to be a boy, just kidding that's what I want my daughter to be.

Throw a penny in the wishing fountain. It may work - TwilightKitsune

5 George Zimmerman charge with 2nd degree murder. Who did he kill first
6 I don't eat lobster because it was alive when I killed it!
7 RIP to all survivors of 9/11

This will be true if this was from 2157 or something. - MrCoolC

Hopefully they found enough graves to put all the survivors next to those who died (Obvious Sarcasm) - Randomator

Dumbass - DarkBoi-X

I read it wrong, and wow.. - TeamRocket747

8 Am I the only one who loves the smell of incest?

Oh my God! What?! Ugh. Do people actually say stuff like this?'re having a laugh, surely..? - Britgirl

Pfft haha! What the hell?! - bobbythebrony

I'm actually wondering if half of these people had (home)schooling as a child, because it takes idiots to post these stuff. - Swellow

you wot? - JustAnAccount

9 What's Obama's last name?

Definitely not Obama! That would be stupid (Obvious joke) - Randomator

It's Barrack. Answer given. - 5low5talker

10 Someone tried to tell me there are 50 states in the US. Well that ain't true cause the scientists found out Pluto don't exist so there are only 49

How dare you say my state doesn't exist! (Obvious Sarcasm) - Randomator

Pluto is my state -Twitter user - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 Korea bombed Pearl Harbor

North Korea might do this in the future, though.

Everyone knows it's Japan. - Connor360

Korea did 9/11 - JustAnAccount

12 This earth is now 2014 years old

Don't you mean 2019 by your logic? - darthvadern

Guess someone didn't pay attention in Science or History class - Randomator

2015 is not how old the earth is. It is how old Jesus is or how longs the common era went on. - Connor360

It Is so not true

I have no clue why I voted

13 I wanna have sex in paris on top of da i fold tower

Because that's legal - JustAnAccount

I've got a question for you: did someone steal your brain? - 5low5talker

14 Is Ebola a country

No, it’s an island. - MrCoolC

Ebola is actually also a river, which is in Africa somewhere. It's around where the disease originated. - Turkeyasylum

No, it is the West side of Africa. - Connor360

Probably. - JustAnAccount

15 Ebola reached Dallas I'm moving to Texas. I can't stay in this diseased country

Except you’re still in a diseased country. - MrCoolC

There's...that''s just...I can't... - JustAnAccount

16 RIP Nelson Mandela your I have dream speech was inspiring

Of course, that speech was strong to abolish slavery everywhere - SpectralOwl

17 Stipud McDonalds employees, they don't know the difference between a plane and normal cheeseburger

Kids, go to school, so you don't end up like our "Stipud" Friend here - SpectralOwl

This is dumb on so many levels. - Idontneedausername

Since when did McDonalds buy Airbus? - Turkeyasylum

18 I can't believe it has been 2015 years since Jesus discovered america

Because that happened. - JustAnAccount

No. Illuminati... - TwilightKitsune

19 If you want too make a point, make it a point too go to school, get a legit career, and stop being statics.
20 Am I the only person who thinks Dwayne Johnson looks like "The Rock"???

Huh, odd coincidence. - JustAnAccount

21 People who actually celebrate #Kwanzaa have mothers who smoked crack while they were pregnant.
22 The earth is flat

One of many reasons I've lost faith in humanity - darthvadern

You’re brain is flat. - MrCoolC

23 Rosetta Stone didn't sit on the bus for you gays to be asking for right
24 If you loiter, you'll be charged with a mister meaner plain and simple
25 If a book store runs out of a certain book, does it mean nobody reads it, or everybody reads it
26 What bread of dog is that?

I don't know, but it looks like your brain is toast. - JustAnAccount

27 George Zimmerman got charged with second degree murder. Who'd he kill the first time?
28 I can't believe the earth turned 2014 today :D
29 @kanyewest stick a cucumber up my p**** and leave it there so it becomes a pickle
30 RIP Harambe
31 What's the ogre called in Shrek? Please tell me

Which one? Fiona? The ogre babies? Who? - darthvadern

Kerhs backwards. - MrCoolC

Donkey. - Cyri

32 Is Nemo a circus clown

Yes, he's one of the most vile and developed circus clowns in Super Paper Mario - darthvadern

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