Top 10 Dumbest Types of People


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1 Donald Trump Haters

So because someone criticizes someone you like, you have the right to call them dumb? - GrimmShady

They're criminals - 445956

So, these people are dumb just because they commit the SINFUL, HORRIFIC ACT OF...

Not sharing the same opinions as you? Come on. - WindWakerFan

Only voted to comment... not all people against Trump have dumb claims to dislike him. He, just like anyone else in this world, is worthy of criticism.

Can't explain why they hate him? What an ignorant statement. Head over to the Worst Presidents list and tell me they can't explain why they hate him.

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2 Antifa Members
3 Social Justice Warriors

You ruined star wars - ikerevievs

4 Modern Liberals

Please get this off the list - Goatworlds

5 Black Lives Matter Supporters
6 Ku Klux Klan Members
7 Rednecks
8 Pedophiles Pedophiles
9 People Who Think Everything is Racist

Me: can I borrow your black (colored pencil) idiot: YOU RACIST! - Maya159610

10 Protesters

The Contenders

11 Scarlett Johansson Haters
12 Feminazis
13 DC Fanboys
14 The Lion King Haters
15 Rapists Rapists
16 Modern Conservatives
17 Anti-semitists
18 The Force Awakens Haters
19 Fetishists
20 Racists Racists
21 Holocaust Deniers
22 Creationists
23 Spammers
24 Satanists
25 Justin Bieber Fans
26 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters
27 Hillary Clinton Supporters

Hillary Clinton’s would just make the USA worse, Donald trump was our best bet.

28 People Who Believe the Earth is Flat
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