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181 Getting a call while filling your car at a gas station
182 Cutting your hand on a machete after sharpening it
183 Toaster shoots out bread, you trip on bread and get stuck in garbage disposal.
184 Slap your toilet then drown in pee

Lol. This is so dumb.

185 Playing the knife game

My friend play this game, cut four finger off and nearly bled to death.

186 Inflated
187 Promoting women's rights in the Middle East
188 Jump off a 1000 foot cliff for $100000

With a parachute, or not?

Would you do it? - Pony

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189 Buried Alive
190 Mauled by Sasquatch

I even heard that many people who have shot at bigfoot claim that the creature is invulnerable to gun fire.

My principal is Bigfoot... Like 6'7 are something. Bigfoot sightings started up the month she moved here.

Get it in the groin, or burn it, one or the other will work.

That's hilarious

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191 Trying to walk across Lake Michigan

I think I'll pass on that one

No thanks people

192 Doing a barrel ride at Niagara Falls
193 Eating Mentos, then gulping a 2 liter of Diet Coke

This literally happened to Kenny in an episode of South Park

And eating a pack of Pop Rocks.

194 Falling for a human mousetrap with burgers instead of cheese as the bait
195 Crash a Mentos truck into a Diet Cola factory

I really wish I could do that lol

196 Thirst to death in the soda aisle of the supermarket

Soda dehydrates you. This is possible. - benhos

197 Take a selfie next to a lion

It would just eat you. Instagram can wait!

198 Tying your shoe in the middle of the street
199 Doing a barrel roll off a 90,000 foot high drop
200 Listening to Elvis

That is if you listen to him for way too long and not listening to anything else at all.

Screw that! I'm gonna go listen to elvis right now.

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