Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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201 Thirst to death in the soda aisle of the supermarket

Soda dehydrates you. This is possible. - benhos

202 Take a selfie next to a lion

It would just eat you. Instagram can wait!

203 Tying your shoe in the middle of the street
204 Doing a barrel roll off a 90,000 foot high drop
205 Listening to Elvis

That is if you listen to him for way too long and not listening to anything else at all.

Screw that! I'm gonna go listen to elvis right now.

206 Dying from boredom after reading this entire list

"Thank you for doing this.. THANK YOU."

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207 Playing catch with a bomb

I hope it's not a nuke. If it is, we're all in trouble

208 Listening to 'Dumb Ways to Die' V 3 Comments
209 Speaking to Roddy
210 You kill someone, but the court finds you not guilty. You excited by the verdict rush out of court, slip on the stairs hit your head and die.

Dang. Is this person trying to write a book?!


Karma is a bitch

211 Pet a great white shark

A great white shark's skin is so tough that it can cut your skin.

Then your hand will get cut and the shark will bite it off. END OF SORTY!

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212 Parachuting into a volcano V 1 Comment
213 While singing/listening to "dumb ways to die"

Well, that would be dumb since it is about death. It should be, listening to dumb ways to die and getting inspired to do all of them.

214 Trying to jump into a lake but you land on a crocodile's mouth
215 Listening to Rebecca Black

Oh, God, no! I'd rather die listening to Metallica

216 Burying yourself under the Cumbernauld Town Centre
217 Get knifed to death

I think that it's 'stabbed', not 'knifed'. Of course, that's just how I think it should be if you want to use proper grammar. Sorry for being a Grammar Nazi.

218 Have a rock fall on your head out of nowhere

This would be one weird way to die... - drdevil

219 Kick the mafias gang leader

Who would do that?

If you live, you're in charge now

220 Starve to death at a farm that grows food and raises animals V 2 Comments
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