Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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281 Deciding to hang over a cliff to take a selfie

I can actually see someone doing that. Stupid people.

Me, too. I can see someone so close to the edge of a cliff and then falls off and dies. THE END!

282 Raging cause your Barbie doll is too fat to fit in any clothes you got her.

I don't even like Barbie dolls that much, but I like the ones in Toy Story.

The new barbie:Now outrageously fatp!


283 Playing tag with a raccoon who has rabies V 2 Comments
284 Getting attacked by a narwhal

You got that from the song"rub some bacon on it"

285 Trying to drink lava
286 Meeting One Direction and getting so excited you have a fatal seizure in front of them
287 Choke yourself with a nametag from your school

Okay. Someone explain to me why in the world would anyone be stupid enough to do that?!?!

288 Literally Cry Your Heart Out V 2 Comments
289 Get up from the toilet but your legs are asleep so you end up falling over and breaking your skull
290 Put on a green hat



291 Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place. V 1 Comment
292 Walk off the edge of a train platform
293 Dying of hypothermia in the Sahara Desert

This could happen at night

294 Standing outside in the middle of a blizzard without a jacket for 24 hours.
295 Swinging from a ballroom chandelier then falling
296 Trying to run with your friend who stole something but end up getting run over by a car V 1 Comment
297 Getting run over at a crosswalk
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