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21 Taking your helmet off in outer space and your head explodes while you freeze to death

What was NASA thinking to hire a nimrod who's dumb enough to take their helmet off in space when astronauts should know that we can only survive 10-15 seconds in space when you don't have oxygen? Plus, space hurts. - RockFashionista

If you were to do this... You must have failed all your courses to be an astronaut...

Dang. Is this guy trying to write a book? That is so stupid. Who takes off their helmet in a dangerous place with no oxygen?!?!?!

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22 A game of spoons out of control

What do you mean by "a game of spoons"? - Pony

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23 Death by snoo snoo

What the crap are you talking' about. Whats wrong with ya bru

Snoo snoo is sex ( futurama reference )

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24 Playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded Uzi

Well that's not Russian roulette, that's shooting yourself with an Uzi. If you were playing classic Russian roulette with only one bullet, then your odds would actually be better than the usual revolver.

I guess he didn't read the rules. You only have one bullet.

How about playing Russian Roulette with any fully loaded gun? There's no chance of you not getting shot!

I'm going to try this tonight

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25 Getting run over by a boat

Haha really NOT funny... Amazing like really who would do that ant more

Definitely agree only stupid people would be like "hey! Let's jump into the propeller! "

Reminds me of Another, the anime. When that kid's body was ripped apart.

Scary, but funny

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26 Play catch the knife

Lol. I laughed at this. This is so dumb. Who tries to play a game of Catch with a knife? I can picture that in my head. Two idiotic kids playing Catch the Knife, one kid gets stabbed in the face by mistake, and then dies. Scary, right? Well, now you learned not to try this at home, or anywhere else.

I bet one kid would go like "Whee! I love playing Catch the Knife! " and then it gets stabbed in the head and dies. Very tragic. - Powerfulgirl10

Weirdest way to die and dumbest stupid people would only try this

Only DUMB people would do this

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27 Eat medicine that's out of date

Use your private parts as piranha bate...

Use your private parts as piranha bait... - FireWasp2004

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28 Knocked out by a flying avocado

...Are we assuming that getting knocked out and dying are the same thing here? How the heck would this kill you, unless you were walking up stairs or driving?

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29 Beat Up by Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar would have trouble beating you up anyway

I think this is the wittiest answer yet. Love it!

That should be in crappiest ways to die

Mesa ganna kick your ass

30 Use your private parts as shark bait

It's piranha bate not shark bate

That's nasty and unnecessary. Why pretend your private is a worm? I feel bad for the fish who fell for this... - Powerfulgirl10

So you're saying people used their testicles as fish food?! That's nasty, and dumb. Who does that?!?!

Such a horrible, painful death. If I survive, I will get a heart attack of the hospital bill

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31 Yell "I hate MLP" when you're surrounded by fans and bronies

That's going to be very bloody. - Pony

Most Legit Player

This is gonna get ugly. I actually hate My Little Pony, and Iswear I do.

I know right?!

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32 Yelling death to America while in the USA

I think many of us citizens would join. At least the rednecks and the amish.

Then everyone in the US turn into an angry mob, and kill you in one hit.

LOL, guess that would be a successful flash mob at lest - Fan_of_Good_Music

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33 Shake a coconut tree

Then a coconut will fall on your head, and you'll get a very bad concussion and die a few minutes later.

Then a coconut will fall head, and you'll end up with a very bad concussion and die.

If l shook a coconut tree I whoud just no t do it hard like just tap it over and over again

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34 Shot by your grandmother

Well your grandmother will go to jail and her son or daughter will hate her

That isn't funny, because your grandmother kills you. - 05yusuf09

This is so scary and dumb.

-Grandma, I didn't eat today
*Gets shot by Grandma* - MaxPap

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35 Get your toast out with a fork

My toast is stuck... I know! I'll use a fork!

You will get electrocuted or burnt.

Do your own electrical work
Teach yourself how to fly
Eat a 2 week old unrefrigerated pir

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36 Dying of laughter from reading this list

The list wasn't very funny, until I read this.

That is likely

I couldn't breathe after reading this


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37 Call the Meanest Bully Fat

U should just get hurt really bad instead of dieing.

If they're fat then how can they beat you up?

38 Do your own electrical work

Teach yourself how to fly
Eat a 2week ols unrefredgerated pie

Teach yourself how to fly
Eat a 2 week old unrefrigerated pie

Teach Yourself How to Fly
Eat a 2 week Old Unrefridgerated pie

39 Trying to put out a fire with gasoline

Well, sadly, a lot of people are not "educated" enough to label canisters. Besides the fact that the only difference is the smell, no one would have time to sniff it when trying to put out a fire.

That's just so funny :D

That's just dumb. Wow.

That'll set a BIGGER fire. - Powerfulgirl10

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40 Taking Lethal Doses Of Cyanide

This is more of a suicide option than a dumb way to die...though I suppose it counts if you think suicide is dumb. Also being poisoned by someone else is dumb, it just sucks.

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