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41 Bleeding to death by a paper cut

Dang, he must have been wearing a paper necklace or something lol

Is that even possible, if that is that would be a long, painful death.

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42 Suffocation by boobies

This is the only way I would like to die

Or anthony from smosh would like to die. Any guys dream to. laugh out loud

This is not a dumb way to die, It is a fun way to die - benhos

Oh my god! This is the way to go! Except that you know she would hate the fact there is a dead head in between her boobs

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43 Taking Lethal Doses Of Cyanide

This is more of a suicide option than a dumb way to die...though I suppose it counts if you think suicide is dumb. Also being poisoned by someone else is dumb, it just sucks.

44 Attacked by a possum V 1 Comment
45 Do your own electrical work V 2 Comments
46 Get a paper cut on both your eyes, walk off a cliff and die

When people throw paper airplanes at you and they cut your eyes

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47 Eat a 2 week old unrefrigerated pie

Is this from "Dumb ways to die" app

My favorite from dumb ways to die

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48 Drowning in your own tears

Who cries that long, I know someone, my sister, but she didn't die. Also my friend sister. But she didn't die. The thing is there have two thing in common. They are devils, and punks.

Man. That guy must have been depressed.

Dang. That would be a lot of tears.

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49 Play with knives and super glue at the same time

Put the glue all over your body, stab yourself with the knives, and they will stay there forever. Only a fool would do this.

Did the guy stab himself, then the glue landed on the knives?

50 Trying To Piss Of Metallica Fans At A Concert

You probably won't die, just get a lot of "you suck, Metallica is the best! ". I don't know, maybe if you reminded them Saint Anger exists?

51 Get yourself locked in a refrigerator

This would be the worst way to die and you wouldn't even die of hunger you would freeze

Some refrigerators have a internal temp regulator so you could just turn down the cold

In the old days people would get stuck in those playing games and they wouldn't actually freeze, they'd run out of oxygen...

Laugh out loud! That sometimes happen in cartoons (regular show anyone? )

I thought we were playing freeze tag - yellowshadow

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52 Forgetting How to Breathe V 1 Comment
53 Suffocation from smelly socks V 1 Comment
54 Teach yourself how to fly

Not jumping off a cliff, idiots. This means you try to fly a plane without seeking professional help from real pilots.

Lol. What you said is funny. "Jumping off a cliff? " is instant suicide.

Eat a two week old unrefrigerated pie

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55 Getting stuck in a dryer

This actually happened to me. I was 5 and not very smart but I didn't die. I was in the hospital for like 4 weeks though. It was the most stupid experience ever. Me and my friend were playing hide and seek

That has to be the dumbest way to die since how did you get into the dryer in the first place? And the door is open-able pretty easily.

Ah, yes. I found out you couldn't escape from the inside the hard way... TOTALLY NOT FUN. I FELT LIKE I WAS LITERALLY BAKING

Why would you do that

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56 Playing MMORPG for too long without sleeping

Aleready 100 percent of filipinos done that like my playing grand chase for 24 hrs and forgot to sleep and leveled up to 100 2nd class

57 Dressing up like a moose during hunting season

Dress up like a moose during hunting season disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason run off the edge of a train station platform... Dumb Ways To Die

Stand on the edge of a train station platform!
Run across a rail road crossing

I wonder what's this red button do?

Keep a radlestack as a pet sell both your kidneys on the internet eat a tube of super glue "l wonder what's this red boten do. LOL

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58 Tripping over a rice grain

That is so stumped how can u die from that

LOL. This needs to be higher. This is so funny!

Boy:La la la la la.
*trips on a grain of rice*
Boy: *falling off a cliff* AAHH! *lands on the ground in 15 mph and dies*

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59 Chuck Norris poking your balls

I disagree with the guy who said this is funny. It is gross.

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60 You turn up the music so loud on your MP3 player that your head explodes

I wish this would happen to the kids at my school, damn them...

I love music, and I always turn my headphones full volume, so... - Pony

Mother of mp3 killer...


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