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81 Killed by a Train Right After Watching Dumb Ways to Die

Just.. Just, no... Why world, Why?

I like trains.

82 Burying yourself in the ground and waiting to die
83 Choking on air

I can totally do this let me try and have my friend post it on YouTube

I have actually done this before, as well as spit and juice.

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84 Kissing a shark

You can definitely kiss a shark come on people

You can't kiss a shark what! I'm confused here?

Sharks don't have lips...wait, do they?

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85 Getting kicked in a groin multiple times

That is pretty damn funny to watch though

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86 Doing the Harlem Shake

It's very possible to die from the Harlem Shake. Totally... Laugh out loud

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87 Being a white guy and going into a black gang's turf

My gosh this is so racist in so many ways!

People are so mean these days! Disgusting

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88 Your teacher gives you ten tons of homework, and your brain explodes

Sadly, these days this could happen at nay moment!

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89 Blow up a zombies lair

The zombies would zurvive and eat your brainz

90 Use your private parts as piranha bait

Everything on here is about dumb ways to die

91 Dying of blood loss brought on by a paper cut while bungee jumping

Last time I checked people don't read when they bungee jump, but... whatever floats your boat. Just make sure it doesn't crash into an iceburg.

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92 Dying from doing to many squats. V 2 Comments
93 Having fun with an electric eel
94 Trampled by a stampede of wild, angry Gilchrists
95 Threatening Chuck Norris then getting killed by Goku from Dragon Ball V 1 Comment
96 Survive the biggest waves, then trip on a rock and die.

You would hove to be either in space 500ft under ground or out of its path to survive that because all the pressure would take down every thing in new your.

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97 Chasing a bug, the fall and die.

I'm picturing a little ant running down the road and some grown man in a suit and tie running after it with his hand reaching for the ground and then suddenly falling flat on his face and dying. GOOFY!

What who would chase a bug?

The bug kill you, funny 😂 - 05yusuf09

You must be REALLY stupid to do this.

98 Drinking too much water

Believe it or not this can and has happened.

Water with a high amount CAN be like a toxic and kill you guys

99 Having a water balloon fight by a power line

I actually did that once but I didn't die.

100 Plan a parade route over train tracks

It's a really funny way to die, lolz

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