Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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101 Cook yourself in an oven

That's not awesome. That's very painful.

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102 Choke on your cat's fur balls

Fur balls, and it is really easy to choke on!

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103 Drowning in your own pee V 1 Comment
104 Dying of thirst in a lake

True story. One guy was stranded for a week in the middle of Lake Michigan without water. Ironically, Lake Michigan is a FRESHWATER LAKE...

That's just plain dumb. Just drink the water. Instead your like, "I'm too scared I'll be eaten. I should just wait for help.". Then help gets there, but your already dead from thirst. It should be the 1st dumb way to die.

Depends on what kind of water. If its salt water, then you would die of dehydration. I would rather live a couple more days that hasten my death.

105 Selling both of your kidneys

You only have to kidneys and you Need at least one to survive this is just dumb it on Dumb Ways To Die

Yes its from the dumb ways to die video

Is this from Dumb ways to die video?

I might sell both my kidneys on the black market someday...

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106 Farting On a Fire

I did that once and my butt almost caught on fire. Lol! 😄

107 Demonstrating how to die then having a heart attack

...How does this even work?

108 Die while playing the game of life V 1 Comment
109 Sing opera until glass cracks and falls on your head
110 Being pecked to death by a chicken
111 Feed a Tiger

Funny because if you feed the tiger the tiger is not wanting to be fed meat the main source is him/her

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112 Run with scissors

If this is here school might as well be a graveyard

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113 Trying to be Batman V 2 Comments
114 Walk next to a tiger with meat in your hands V 1 Comment
115 Playing chicken with a car behind you without a car of your own
116 Swing on a turning ceiling fan

I was small enough to fit in one of those baby things when I was five. WHE

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117 Sexing too much without resting

This is too perverted

It is "having sex" not sexing

A real Man needs no rest

Sexing is nood pictures on the phone

118 Getting eaten by a seagull V 1 Comment
119 In shock of one word said by a person who has laryngitis
120 Drowning in a toilet

It can and has happened

One of the dumbest things I've ever seen my entire life. - 05yusuf09

That already happended and... heh yes, it can also happen

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