Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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141 Invite a psycho-killer inside V 1 Comment
142 Setting your entire house on fire including your family and you after you refuse to extinguish the fire

I read a Goosebumps book, The Ghost Next Door before and it was creepy yet interesting. It makes me sad when Hannah tries to act dumb and stupid by refusing to extinguish a fire. - DynastiNoble

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143 Choking on a salami

My grandfather makes salami and I don't choke on it

144 A toilet cubicle falls on you
145 Get stuck in a vending machine

That's so funny. I would totally do that.

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146 Choking on your own spit

This happens to me A LOT! I died so many times... - funnyuser

Most of the time doesn't kill you you just feel really stupid


147 Throwing a piano to yourself

Maybe by dropping it on your head if you are strong enough.

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148 Tripping over a pebble

Oh my god! That is the most clumsiest way to die

But would you seriously DIE if that happened to you? - Navylexi

Dang. Are you people that weak?!

Robin Hood and little John, walking through the forest, doo dee the the do Dee the the-*trip*
*falls off cliff* *gets impaled by jagged rocks*

149 Choking yourself with a scarf
150 Get whacked by an Ipad
151 Drowning as you fell on dog poo

Seriously, my friend nearly died as he tripped over. The same effect can be achieved with a cat litter.

LOL! How can you drown in dog crap?!?!

152 Get your head stuck in a computer
153 Making a dog with rabies bite you

Let's hope it's not cujo.

154 Slapping a bull

Grab him by the nose, that's why they have nose rings. It should stop the bull.

155 Explosive diarrhea
156 Insult a wrestler

Death by Spanking John Cena in the bum

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157 Stick fork in toaster

It's "dumb ways to die" video all over again!

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158 Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason

Dumb ways to die again!

Kill it with fire! - benhos

159 Getting a pet wolf then it bites your face

And then you get rabies. - Pony

Y would you have a pet wolf any way

160 the "Cinnamon Challenge"

At least one person choked to death doing this. I'm pretty sure they got a Darwin award.

I did it with hot chocolate powder

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