Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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161 Explosive diarrhea
162 Insult a wrestler

Death by Spanking John Cena in the bum

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163 Stick fork in toaster

It's "dumb ways to die" video all over again!

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164 Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason

Dumb ways to die again!

Kill it with fire! - benhos

165 Getting a pet wolf then it bites your face

And then you get rabies. - Pony

Y would you have a pet wolf any way

166 the "Cinnamon Challenge"

At least one person choked to death doing this. I'm pretty sure they got a Darwin award.

I did it with hot chocolate powder

167 Try to fly for free by harpooning the plane and holding on
168 Trying to steal from a guy with a gun when you have no weapon
169 Fall off a bunk bed on a RV

That makes no sense.

Okay strange

170 Running off a cliff with a makeshift jet pack
171 Demonstrating how to die then having a heart attack
172 Eaten by rodents while window is rolled down

Roll down your window and go through your stuff. And probably 100 or so rats come out and jump into your
Car. And someone finds you dead the next day eaten alive by rats

173 Dying of Embarrasment
174 Choking on your toothbrush.
175 Looking Chuck Norris in the eyes
176 Have a bucket fall on your head and then break your back
177 Failing at "Planking"
178 Cutting off your head trying to outdo a guy who chopped off his toes during a mass drinking game
179 Eating a Water Balloon Then Drowning

What does this doing here!?!?!? That's the dumbest thing I ever heared -. -

180 Drowning While Taking a Shower
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