Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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161 Trying to steal from a guy with a gun when you have no weapon
162 Fall off a bunk bed on a RV

That makes no sense.

Okay strange

163 Running off a cliff with a makeshift jet pack
164 Eaten by rodents while window is rolled down

Roll down your window and go through your stuff. And probably 100 or so rats come out and jump into your
Car. And someone finds you dead the next day eaten alive by rats

165 Dying of Embarrasment
166 Choking on your toothbrush.
167 Looking Chuck Norris in the eyes
168 Have a bucket fall on your head and then break your back
169 Failing at "Planking"
170 Cutting off your head trying to outdo a guy who chopped off his toes during a mass drinking game
171 Eating a Water Balloon Then Drowning

What does this doing here!?!?!? That's the dumbest thing I ever heared -. -

172 Drowning While Taking a Shower
173 Telling Obama That His Suit Stinks

I wonder what he'd think of that.

174 Telling Vladmir Putin That His Speeches Are Crap

I was totally thinking that the first time I heard of him

He's scary

175 Trying to rob a gun shop by a toy pistol
176 Being On Jackass
177 Getting smacked by Miley Cyrus with a mattress during world war 7 in a volcano on Tuesday on Jupiter

What is this bs. I mean why don't we have terminator point a gun while u are drowning in chocolate milk mix with a pretzel masturbation all over u?

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178 Punching a bear

Laugh out loud punching a bear means you get an angry bear

Punch a teddy bear.

179 Pretend to play dead and wait for 3 days and starve

You got what you deserved.

180 Getting a call while filling your car at a gas station
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