Top 10 Dumbest Yahoo! Answers Questions

This is what happens when every one is given a net connection... When some weirdos are out there... but even that can have some positive implications... like now, this is whole lot of fun. Some stupid, some weird and some just plain dumb... Here are some amazing (of which only 40% can spell) people with special brains that have used Yahoo! Answers to make the world aware of their presence.
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1 How do you ask a question on yahoo answers?

The poor chap must have had his brain cells trickle out of his head like melted ice cream. We honor his sacrifice, all for making us laugh

I tried to ask this question but I couldn't because I can't ask yahoo questions. So thanks for asking this question for me. Now we both have to wait until we have a good answer. Too bad it isn't the case. I mean if you don't know how to make yahoo answers just don't answer and if you think the guy asking this question is dumb, can you at least answer to prove your intelligence superiority over us. That would be very helpful.

Yeah, it's a dumb question. But there are many possible reasons behind this. Maybe the guy/gal tried to ask "how to ask a question properly". I mean you know there are lots of options for asking questions, adding details, expanding question, updating the question. Maybe he wanted to ask something like this. He may just asked his first question in rush. I don't know, but it may be this. Or he may be a mentally ill person.

Actually the person who asked this actually had a mental problem that which he could not remember stuff for long. So I feel bad for the person who asked this, and all the people on the question itself who answered this actually were serious.

2 My printer won't print .gifs properly?

Oh, dear god... Of course they're not moving! You bought the wrong ink! The proper ink is sold at Gringott's Bank.

Try using water instead of ink. That way it should print smoothly and lightly enough to print it correctly.

You have to be wearing a hogwarts robe and union jack converse with harry potter glasses

It's not Harry Potter, okay?! Jeez. I'm surprised these people know how to WORK printers.

3 How do I type?

Train your keyboard to do easy things first, like sit down or eat marshmallows, just then you train it to type a letter, to do a complete word like "banana" you will have to train it a lot.

All you gotta do is yell at the keyboard until it types something

Sweet Mother Mary McCartney, you just did to answer that boneheaded question!

Smash your head against the wall and it will type anything for you

4 Can your baby get preganent if you have sex while preganent?

Sure... Its dangerous, though the baby can get preganent only if it's a female. If you suspect your baby is preganent try not to have sex again.. You run the risk of getting your baby's baby preganentand and that can lead to complications like an infinite loop... (We really need to make sure people are ready to be parents... WEIRDOS)

No! Because your baby must be a female, she must have a husband and babies cannot have husbands. They don't know which boys are cool, so they never marry. Clever of thm.

Only if your baby is a girl, and has already gone through puberty while still inside your womb (which I'm sure is pretty unlikely).

If you had twins. They might fall in love with each other. Babies don't have sperms sos they cannot produce any more babies, dummy!

5 Is this a question?

No. It's a holographic time lapse of the rainbow-unicorn wormhole effect on Justin Timberlake.

There is a question mark at the end, so yes, it is a question.

To be honest, it may have been a test by him to see if it works.

Yes! What else would it be? (I just asked a question)

6 Does looking at a picture of the sun hurt your eyes?

Yes, if it is enchanted by a wizard or witch at Hogwarts with a spell that makes things ridiculsly bright and shiny. If it is, expect to find glowing radars shining out of the screen and glowing.

If you want it too, then go to a photo editor, and go to brightness, and set it to maximum. Now print it, and go outside to look at it

Yes, pictures of the sun radiate harmful like just like the sun itself. put one in your rrom on a dark night for light

A picture of the sun captures it's energy and looking at one will make you blind.

7 Help! I cannot take off my mother's bra and she's gonna be home in 5 minutes!!! The mirror doesn't help much!?

First of all, why is she (at least, I hope it's a she) wearing her mothers bra in the first place? That's just messed up. Second of all, how would you have the time to type that, and then expect people to answer the question in the span of 5 minutes (by then, it would actually be less). This is the stupidest question on this list.

Get into trouble. You better not put on anything else like your mother's lipstick or you will have the same situation. But in case, if you do have lipstick on wash it off. And if it does not wash off, well, just do nothing. Lipstick does not show well. I hope you used pink lipstick

What the hell are you doing with your mother's bra?

Please walk outside and find the nearest therapist. Thank you for your convenience.

8 Is justin bieber the 5th beatle?

I have no interest in living on this planet anymore. I'm going to the moon instead. Yes, I know I'm not an astronaut. Yes, I know I will die without oxygen. That is the point.

A loss of some faith on humanity right on the spot.

My faith is in humanity is dead now. Goodbye everybody, I've got to go.

No, he is the 6th member of Cannibal Corpse and provides pig squeals.

9 Why am I here?

Actually this is a fair question from a philosophical view. Why did it have to be that a certain combination and arrangement of genes, etc, to form you and not someone else?

Where do we come from, Why are we here, where do we go when we die? What lies beyond, and what lay before, is anything certain in life?

Well, your mum and dad loved each other a lot and they had sex and you were born.

So direct.

Because your parents played hide the willy 9 months before you we're born!


Just click the caps locks again, if it is stuck, go to Gringotts, get some gold out of your vault, then go to Ollivanders, and buy a wand and perform a spell that makes certain things unstuck like the Finidulas Charm, then you are all set. Use other charms too-that wand will come in handy

I'll answer that question when you stop shouting at me.

How did you turn off caps lock for the question mark?

Arrow, that point down on your keyboard

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? Will kissing make my belly pregnant?
? Am I alive?
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11 Is it okay to shove pizza up my butt for revenge on my mom?

Better for her to have pizza up her butt to have you up her butt again.

No. You have to shove it up her butt.

Yes but your supposed to masturbate on it first

Only on the weekends

12 I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price. how do i get my car back?

I tried to contact this guy but it seems he also sold his computer to help pay for internet connection...

First of all, why would you need gas is you sold your only car? And you can't just go up to the guy you sold the car to and say "Hey man, gas is cheap now, gimme back mah car, will ya"?

I think the second one is worse because the first one is due to ignorance and this one is due to lack of common sense.

Go to your local walmart and look at the homeless person and he will give you the world's oldest car

13 If the Big Bang really happened, why are there no pictures of it?

I guess the Big Bang caused a glitch in humanity and changed all the stupid people like you, to people that are smart enough to take pictures of such an important event. Of course by then, it was to late. Maybe we can just time travel back a couple days and take some pics then.

They forgot the cameras.

NO silly goose. The Big Bang happened 14 BILLION YEARS AGO. Humans came about 200,000 years ago. The camera was invented in 1888. Time Travel wa-

Ok, see. It was impossible to get pictures of it.

The Big Bang was very camera shy. Scientists could not get it to stand still.

I answered this question. No, cameras were not invented then though we see a tad bit of the remains in T.V. static.

14 How do I spell "monkey?"

My knee wont grow is that a problem?

I thin you spell it "munkee"

You just spelled it jerk

Do you mean lugubrious?

15 Is this planet called Earth? I'm confused.

I think the only living being that would ask a question as stupid and counterintuitive as this would be an alien. If you are not an alien and you inquire what our planet is called, you quite possibly have serious mental issues and need to have your IQ tested. I can feel mine dropping right now just reading this question.

I'm afraid not Sir/Madame, it's called the home of today's society..
Yes, it's Earth, I really think you should pick up a book for once and read about it..

Leonardo the Vinci got sick of the planet being called The Planet, so he named it after one of his burps.

When I first came here I had the same problem... contact the nearist tourist information office

16 Do you lose your virginity if you fall?

Damn, I really did wonder this is when I was a kid... I might've even had stumbled upon the original question on yahoo...

Short answer; no.

Yes I fell onto a vagina and every attempt I made at getting up I slipped back onto it

If your boyfriend is waiting for you to jump from the 5th floor naked on him.. Then yes!

Only if your mouth falls on your penis then your stomach gets pregnant

17 Who is best Justin Bieber or Jesus Christ?

Jesus is definitely better! by the way I hate cold water ugh all my friends love it. Whenever they put on music all I hear is "everybody gets high sometimes, you know"

Well Jesus Christ isn't the son of god or a god or a saviour, however he was a good human and was way better than Justin Bieber.

Jesus saved us. This is incomparable. Oh, wait. Let's make a list of reasons why Jesus is better than Justin Bieber!

Jesus He died for all humans and got the human race be able to reconcile to God the Father.

18 What galaxy do we live in?

We live in the solar system

The Mario Galaxy. (Jk that was not funny at all...)

Earth, of course.

Homo sapien center.

19 8=====D is this a shovel or crying smiley face? So confused?

It must be a shovel because you can't cry while smiling. Or you would eat your tears. People cry before they smile.

Use your imagination! It could be a smiley, a shovel, a turtle, a weird shaped chicken wing, or my favorite, a penis!

I honestly asked a question like this because I'm not into lingo. But it means something worse.

Please never grow up and learn what this 'shovel' means. Everything just goes downhill after that, anyway.

20 Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for there eyes?

There are no holes! Those are balls. Are if there was holes, the cats were shy and were too scared of showing the spots to anybody so they put their eyes in it so nobody will notice their holes

Usually, if not try to get him to take it off and put it on the other way round

Because they evolved from bats which don't have holes in their fur.

Is this a joke or just stupidity. PATRICK STAR! can you teach this person how to breath?

21 Can a dog get pregnant from sperm from a human because when I wasn't home my boyfriend got horny and had sex with my dog and i think shes pregnant... is that possible?

Seriously... Okay that's just Sick! No your dog can NOT get pregnant. They don't share the same DNA, but I would get your boyfriend check. Something is honestly wrong with him... Poor Dog :/

Yes its possible. I've had sex with many dogs... also cats unicorns Miley Cyrus 3 elephants and an oak tree

Allow me to be a nerd. Nope because dogs have different chromosomes than humans so they cannot have baby human puppies

Lol this is the most stupidest Questions ever and 1 thought just came in my head this doesn't make any sense :/?

22 Am I a human?

Which type of Human are u asking? If it's humanity so it depend on your nature. And if u r asking about your body so sure u r a human..

No you are a secret unicorn that pukes sparkles and rainbows that also farts magical gnomes.

No, your a giant cat unicorn with one trillion heads and farts to fly

No your a terrible horrifying creature called a Selena Gomez.

23 Are the twin towers in New Zealand?

Yes, my brother was a kamikaze I was supposed to go with him but I overslept, everyone got mad at me but in 2017 I'll crash into the new tower but yes it's in New Zealand, but no worries no one cares anymore it's been 15 years.

Why are you asking? Oh. I bet you just forgot all about 9/11.

Twin towers where in my moms stomach before we were born

Naw...Osama moved the twin tower to Afghanistan

24 I was bitten by a totrtoise when i was a lad...can i eat orange now?

No. It's a well known fact that tortoises have chlorophosphific acid in their saliva, a compound, that for unknown reasons reacts violently with orange juice. So unless you want your body to spontaneously combust, it is strongly recommended that you stay away from any orange products.

Find out by eating a orange now. Or hire a servant that was bitten by a tortoise to try eating oranges. Or else ask Harry Potter or Hermione Granger to do a spell on you so that you can eat oranges without any worry.

No, It's impossible, Your tongue will get fire ants and you'd be gutted for the rest of the cucumber. So dangerous.

You kids where do you come with such stuff... Rather GOD where do you find such nuts

25 Are people on the Internet real?

I'm the only real one all of these other guys are fake

I don't know. Are you real? If you are then you're question is answered.

My question is are you real?

No, we're all fake.

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