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181 How were Unicorns made?
182 What incarnations work best for summoning Jesus?
183 Is my baby trying to talk to me?
184 Are skeletons real or made up?
185 How do I successfully become a Justin Bieber fan?
186 Abortion need some help?
187 Pregnant girlfriend not getting period? is the baby drinking the blood?
188 Why does my arm turn red when I'm eating dirt?
189 how do you get Youtube to come film you?
190 How to get over my fear of rejection?
191 What is a courtesy flush?
192 Is Vietnam called after the famous and so-called Vietnam war?
193 Why doesn't the Earth fall down?
194 How did they clone Lindsay Lohan for The Parent Trap?
195 What's up?
196 What makes the sky so blue?

The ocean has no color... The light from the sun gets to the atmosphere at an angle and the other colors are scattered away from blue. Smaller angles are more red, yellow, and purple and larger angles are blue. It depends on the angle the light comes in the atmosphere from the sun.

The sky is black, the sun is yellow. If you mix the color black and yellow, you get blue?

Because the grass is already green and the sun is already yellow so it didn't have much of a choice

This is not really a dumb question

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197 Why is my poop green?

Did you ate shrek?

I don't think this is dumb, when people pass green stool it means they aren't digesting the food properly.

Who goes around posting these things?! I mean ask your mother! Or heck, ASK A DOCTOR!

Because you at kermit the frog

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198 Do you like waffles, pancakes, or french toast?

I wonder, does anyone else know what I like, because I'm not sure.

Are they mutually exclusive?

I like all of the,

YES - lovingicecreams

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199 My penis literally fell off?

R you sure you had one before

Get a doctor to stitch it back on your head - Ziffe

Are you a girl or a boy?

Sure it wasn't a dildo? - Mcgillacuddy

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