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41 Should America make China the 51st state so we can get better access to Chinese food?

Only if North Korea is the 52nd so the people have a chance of getting any food at all.

Ya, lets take over a country over 4 times our population with a military larger then our population for their style of food when we can just buy it.

Hey dude, take a grammar check... America is 2 continents and the United States is 1 country

Naw bruh you can just hit up the nearest P.F. Chang's - Mcgillacuddy

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42 Does it rain in Australia?

Everything is upside down in Australia, so it rains from the ground. - swagmaster97

Have you even heard of our floods?!

It's a Australian secret I shouldn't say anyone but I am saying you because you sound sweet yes it rains


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43 Do midgets have night vision?

Yes, they are all secret agents like those from mission impossible and are super ninjas because they are small; therefore they come with built in night vision.

Yeah, they are small so they need some kind of gear vision. They stole our glasses and cat's eyes and used them, so now they have to run away from humans and cats. But yeah, they have night vision - leah2006

Who ever asked the question is in deep kimchi and I will beat them with some kimchi

Only Swiss midgets.

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44 Can you catch aids from sex with a chicken? a mate told me he'd dun it. nd he is well scared. wot do i tell 'im?

Ah, the classic "for a friend" advice solicitation. This poster may as well have picked the username "ChickenF*****2009. "

And the best part? The "Best Answer" voted by the Dips***erati does not include any variation of "don't f*** chickens, " but rather, "tell your friend to use protection when having intercourse with birds. "

Unfortunately, the follow-up query, "what kind of protection? " appears to be missing -- I haven't really read the fine print on condom wrappers for a while, but I don't seem to recall any particular brand being "beak-resistant. " (It's clearly an untapped market for a budding entrepreneur, though. )

Right, it was totally your friend who screwed a chicken. I believe you.

Oh yes, I've had sex with many chickens... Also, horses, balloons, Harry Potter, pillowcases and a lamp. Your mate is in for a big shock!

Yeah.. the last time I had sex with my chicken she ended up pregnant. - AL9JL

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45 Are my masturbation habits bad?

I love the guy's description of his habits:
"I have around 15-20 orgasms a day. Sometimes I reach into the 30's. I do it a lot, but I really don't know how to stop. "
First off, 15 to 20 times a day shouldn't be humanly possible. You'd have to cut out some other major component of your life to have the time. Like eating. Or breathing. And maybe he will lose his precious before he hits 15 But for me, truly, this question rises into the pantheon when a female offers up the very first response:
"wow that's a lot I only have like 2 or 3"

Careful now. If you masturbate too much you'll get a big red penis blister - bobbythebrony

Yes, it wears you work harder, it has become an addiction, and a blister will appear.

How does someone have that many orgasms

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46 Is Europe in North America or is it a separate country?

It's a city in North America. Its just about a 10min drive from The Milky Way

It's not a country, Europe is a place that consists of loads of countries, like Britain, France, Spain, etc. It is no where near North America. I suggest you get of your iPhone and go to school.

Are you even serious? I hope the person who wrote this was 8 or younger, or I just lost faith in society. - Minecraftcrazy530

Its inside galaxy

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47 Do universes exist in other galaxies?

Yes, there are many universes in the thousands of other galaxies!

Galaxies are inside Universes!

Well, actually, atoms are mini universes so yes - Yatagarasu

No the sea exist in other galaxies

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48 If Little Johnny has three apples, and he eats one, how much does the Sun weigh?

See this is how I picture math

Every math problem ever

A turtle is traveling at the speed of sound, he eats a banana, what movie did Fred watch on Netflix last night?

PARCC testing in a nutshell - Yatagarasu

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49 Do you believe in goats?

No, I do not believe in goats... If you were to pay attention to school (this piece of information is told in kindergarden), teacher's would tell you that goats were only in fairy tails. Many people try to prove the existence of goats, but fail... So no, I don't believe in goats...

No but I believe in unicorns that poop out rainbows

I don't know do I?

I don't believe in goats but I believe in ghosts

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50 If muslims ever were to infest and take over Italy, will they dynamite all of the priceless arts, Michalangel?

There are so many things wrong with this question. First off, not very Muslim is a terrorist. Secondly, why would a terrorist blow up famous artwork-the message wouldn't make sense. Also, the artist you're looking for is named Michelangelo.

Is it wrong that I laughed at this while I am a Muslim?

Infest? Don't they mean invade.

That booty do

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51 I thought cantelope was an animal!?

I thought so too... Are you saying it isn't?

It's pronounced Antelope, which is a deer like animal that lives in America. This animal has 2 prong horns on top of it's head, giving it the nickname "pronghorn."

Don't be silly of course it is!

It's a penguin that poops troll faces

Its antelope not cantelope. - Catacorn

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52 Am I A Pony?

Probably and that too a literate one

No you an alien ooh

No, your an animal

Your a sheep

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53 Is there any possible way of making 2+2=5?

You can do whatever your heart desires.

You just did it.

To make 2 times to 5, you need to use advanced theorismexmathimatics. The answer: everybody knows 2+2 usually makes 4. 4-1=3. A triangle has 3 sides. Since there are 2 twos you add 3+2. The answer of course, is 5!

Sure. Add 1 more to 2+2 and it equals 5. - IcetailofWishClan

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54 My 17 year old son doesn't know how to tie his shoes is there something wrong with him?

Or tell time on a clock

Age is but a number, except in this case.

Something's wrong with this guy

yes - Yatagarasu

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55 Can you see in the dark if you have blue eyes?

My only question is, "What color eyes do you have? "

If you are a midget and it's a tuesday. and you have to dye your hair turquoise but it has to be the 4th of the month, then you can. but only if it's the 4th, and it's a tuesday and you have turquoise hair

Yes because they are lighter then other color eyes and take in twice as much light. So yes you see better in the dark with blue eyes. I have blue eyes.

No I have blue eyes and I can't see in the dark or can I muahahaa you'll Never know the answer.now watch me whip kill it watch me what do you mean today Jhbhbbhbhbhbhilllggjyfgymgmygukygua dream in my cardigan

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56 My sister can't sing properly does that make her retarded?

Thank you for making my day complete! I now have laughed so hard that my ribs are in pain, I feel that I have lowered my I.Q. for responding to your question, but yes your sister is retarted, and you have down syndrome for not being able to fix her! And your mom is an alien because she gave birth to you both!

Does this give you the conclusion that Justin Bieber is retarded?

No it does not make her retarded

The vocal cords are your brain now remember that for anatomy class

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57 Why do people hate Trump so much?

Because he is racist, and if he becomes president he's going to make me and my fellow females sell our bodies and become nothing more than the sex slaves of men.

Maybe it's because whenever anyone disagrees with him, he finds that as an excuse to throw a fit.

Maybe because he's stupid and if you look at him the wrong way he might accuse you of being a rapist or a murder and deport you.

Cause they're a jackass

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58 I live in georgia but i dont see russia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks shouled i be worrie

This was a classic that hit the net...
Makes me wonder how s/he was smart enough to turn on a T.V. and find a news program...

You should be incredibly, worried even though you can't see Russia, the tanks will be invading Georgia when they're done with Ukraine rumor has it.

You should worry more about your spelling more then tanks - shfydgi

You drink too much Russian vodka. - AL9JL

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59 How many days are in a month?

1,000 child *sarcasm included, rolls eyes*

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60 I swallowed an ice cube and haven't pooped it out yet

Idiot it melts! It turns to water! I am 11 and know more than you, idiot! Jeez that's dumb. Go get a life outside of your parents basement.

If you didn't know, it's like gum. It comes out 7 years later...

Ice cube's can't be pooped out... I would start writing my will if I were you

Go see a doctor. Also, eat a lot of chilli peppers and spicy food.

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