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61 How do you get Youtube to film you?? I've been calling them for so long now but they wont come please help!!!

Well, you shove the camera up your anus and sing I'm a little tea pot as you run down the street naked. That should do it - Yatagarasu

U grab a camera or a phone. Than u record. Once your done u download it to your files

Keep calling, if you turn the 1000 person to call them, they record you.

Hack Justin Bieber YouTube and record yourself simple

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62 What is the country Canada all about?

Canadian bacon and Tim Hortons.

Canada is arguably the most peaceful country

I'm from Canada. Its about making dumb people smart

It's about maple syrup and Drake - Mcgillacuddy

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63 How can I undo my abortion?

Just go look in the dumpster of the place that aborted the baby for you and simply shove it back inside

Just go to doctor and if she/he has computer go to its computer click undo

Don't use a condom for the second time

Gran that smelly fetus and shove it back up

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64 Can you die from having to much sex?

Yeah your penis will fall off and you will die of blood loss

If it's becoming a problem, then you, are a lucky bastard.

There have been cases of old men dying from a heart attack while having sex, so yes.

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65 How do I stop my girlfriend being a whore?

Give her a tour of Hogwarts. Every girl loves to see that stuff...

You should stop being a player!

Become a pimp and slap her

Pay her - Mcgillacuddy

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66 Are people on the Internet real?

I'm the only real one all of these other guys are fake - Ziffe

I don't know. Are you real? If you are then you're question is answered.

My question is are you real? - tmobreno

No, they are J'avo from resident evil 6 - Ananya

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67 I forgot how to breathe. Help, quickly! I am gonna die.

He's gonna be dead, by the time this useless answer gets to him. - swagmaster97

You have to eat a piece of the planet Europe. When this is done dance naked in the street 24/7 for 1 year. Only then, will you know how to breathe again.

You have to buy special breathing pills, there sold in heaven which is probably where your going.

Just don't breath die as fast as you can.there must be less stupid on earth

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68 Is there gravity in India?

Ask the Jews. They took all the gravity and took it back to Germany. - TwilightKitsune

No, which is why everyone is on the ground

No because the atmosphere is filled with helium

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69 How many calories are in a booger?
70 How do I fart on command?

Okay, that's it, I'm not coming to visit you EVER!

I'm NOT bringing any burritos to your HOUSE!

Breath in through your ass. Then clinch and force it out.

Clench and release

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71 What Does the Word "Word" Mean?

A phrase of two or more syllables either written or spoke used to communicate. Several of these make a sentence and several sentences make a paragraph. They are created, spoken and taught by the human race

Whatever you want it to.

It means that unicorns like grammar. - funnyuser

You are stupid - mayamanga

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72 Why are there school? Is a point to it?

So that we know that the sentence 'Why are there school? ' is grammatically incorrect.

Well yeah, there is. It's there to make an advantage on your grammar, which you suck at.

I don't know, you tell me.

So that you can stop being a dumbass

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73 Why is Justin Bieber So Talented?

A cantelope can sing better than Justin Bieber.

Because he made a deal with Satan - Mcgillacuddy

Screw you too

What Do You Mean? - kcianciulli

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74 If I eat a peach and eat the core will I have peaches in my stomach?

You have to be careful not to drink to much water or get to much sun or you can and probably will turn into a giant peach or turn into a peach tree.

I'm leaving this planet

Yes, but you have to cut open your stomach to let sunlight in - Yatagarasu

Only if you eat dirt

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75 What is Yahoo?

A website that helps you understand what yahoo is. - funnyuser

GUY1:i bought you a pizza!



Something that cheesy 1940 white guys say when they're overjoyed - Mcgillacuddy

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76 Is evolution made up? After all, it is just a theory.

In Pokemon yeah. In real life, maybe or not. Depends on what you believe on.

It does exist. But it went wrong just before you were born and now look!

Are you made up? After all, You are just a dumb dog.

Okay, this is killing me.

DOES NOBODY KNOW WHAT A THEORY IS IN SCIENCE? A theory in science is something that has been confirmed thousands of times by experiments, not a 'guess' or an 'idea'. It is above fact. It is an explanation for why something happens that has been proven a multitude of times.

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77 Is Donald Trump God?

Donald Trump is the God of Uranus because he's coming for it. -PewDiePie

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78 What is Christmas?

Christmas is Christ + mass = acceleration
Some scientists discovered this

This is just like asking what's an apple

This is like asking what is a pillow!

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79 Why is Homer Simpson yellow?

Homer ate too many donuts and got diabetes. - swagmaster97

Once he worked as a painter the house people asked to color the house permanent yellow by mistake the paint fell on him so he is permanent yellow

He's actually a banana

He had jaundice

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80 Is Ebola going to kill me?

NO! My God, everybody know what Ebola does, It makes you live forever

No, It's going to make you fart rainbows and dance like Michael Jackson.

No, Chuck Norris is


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