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81 Why don't white people have butts?

Because they don't eat collard greens or ham hocks - Mcgillacuddy

Why don't you have a brain

What do you thing.


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82 Will pigs lose their virginity if they fly?

Yes. As their body parts fly through the wind it will feel like they are being handled and straddled in the best ways possible. That is the way of the flying pig.

When they lose their virginity they magically grow wings.

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83 What's a bra?

It's when you poop and then your poop flies till it reach your crush's face

The thing sandy cheeks wears on SpongeBob DUH

84 Why does Mitch think we can't read? V 3 Comments
85 Am I supposed to eat garbage because I've been eating garbage all my life.

Yes you should eat as much garbage as possible unless your a goldfish then you eat a lot of chicken. Don't stop eating garbage! It keeps you strong and healthy.

Yes you are and I'm warning you don't eat meat fruit and veggies it will kill you

Keep it up and before you know it you will be the strongest kid at your school

Stop eating garbage its bad for your health

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86 Are you a dodo?

Yes. I am a Dodo. And I am bringing a Dodo army armed with cannons to take over the world.

I dunno are you

Yes why are now get the blood where eating human

Goodbye dumb world.

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87 Do you wanna talk about Jesus?

No I don't that's what the bible is for

That one guy who isn't the Son of God?

Yes...he had aids


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88 Can I vomit while I am sleeping?

Dream about high school musical crossed between Justin Bieber, then you probably will.

Yes if you fall asleep listing to a john lennon song

Only if its friday the 13th and if your blond and your name is ted

You actually can if your drunk enough

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89 My penis fell off you guys is this normal because I'm getting scared?

It will grow back - Ziffe

Did you have one in the first place?

Just grab the fallen off penis and use some glue for it

Are you kidding me. How can it fall when you don't have it

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90 How can someone be stupid?

You see, you are a perfect example, just do what you are doing.

Look in a mirror, the answer is staring at you in the face.

You don't know things. Just like you a stupid person don't know things.

Why don't you look at the question you posted? - Emma

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91 Do you eat the Banana skin on a Banana?

Yeah, hope I helped.

Actually my math teacher said he likes to eat the banana's peel, so...

Why don't you try it?

The most vitamins of the banana Is in the peel

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92 Am I turning into to Taylor Swift?

Are you trouble when you walk in?

Do you sing songs every time you break up with someone, which happens every other week?

Your not. So just try to shake it off.

Pfft, Only in Your Wildest Dreams. - kcianciulli

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93 What type of sequence is this: 4, 6, 8, 10…?

It's something beyond the capabilities of the modern day cryptographers

The two times table :-

+2. idiot. did you go to school?


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94 What is my name?

Your name is "Go find yourself a name.' Or people will call you a mean name.

Ya name is..."Yo mama didn't tell you'. Your first name is Yo.

How are we supposed to know your name. Go ask your mom


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95 Do you think humans will ever walk on the Sun?

No, since it's made of helium and hydrogen. We cannot. - kontrahinsunu

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Yes we need unicorn dust to gain immunity to the suns effects

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96 Are legs and raccoons the same thing?
97 What animal is Sonic the Hedgehog?
98 Why did the dinosaurs kill themselves?

Too much gay

99 If I can lick my teeth, then how does the sun survive?

By licking it's own teeth.

If I poke my eye, who gives birth to the moon... the answer is in the question

Well, if the sun is at a 297 Degree angle and if chris is drinking lemonade in guatalahara, the reflection will cause your popcorn to overcook.

If I can walk on water, then how do people touch their toes

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100 10 years old and pregnant?

Who are you, where are your parents, who is your boyfriend!? I am really concerned about you right now!

That is possible but just plain digusting

Where are your parents?


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