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121 Why is water wet?

Dry, tell your friends that water is dry, RIGHT. NOW!

Because water is your bed and you wet it

I'm not sure if it is wet or not.

It's dry.

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122 How do I get virginity

Look at what your mother looks like After losing hers and popping out a kid and it will make you think twice about losing yours.

GET IT? Your born with it. Fine. Pay someone who's having *** to give you their...


Go to your local walmart and buy a buttplug then shove it up your butt

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123 How do I become a Virgin?

You were born a virgin. How old are you, 10?

They will lose their virginity and give it to you.

Order now... - JakePlaid

You go buy a condom, then you go to your room at 12:00 at night, you light candles all around the room (make sure the lights out) then put the condom on a stuffed weiner dog.

Put the dog in the middle of the room and bow to it. Pray to the dog that you'll be a virgin.

The next morning, do a happy dance. 👌

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124 If I eat myself will I become bigger or will I disappear? V 2 Comments
125 Why is the second hill of a roller coaster always smaller than the first?

Do you want to get stuck on one dumbass

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126 Where do snails come from V 3 Comments
127 Can I order a pizza at Pizza Hut or Baskin Robins?

Neither pizzas are only sold at Dairy Queen

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128 Why are most women not feminist?
129 Can you drive a car without motor oil?
130 If batman's parents are dead, then how was he born? V 1 Comment
131 Is 1 a prime number?
132 What are warrior cats?
133 Should my sister recount her chromosomes? V 1 Comment
134 Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?
135 Why is my sperm so powerful?
136 Can you make a male baby sitter pay child support?
137 Did I turn my boyfriend into a vampire?
138 Why isn't Brazil in the euro 2012?
139 Why do so many humans think that just because you're a Nazi, you hate all Jews?
140 If my girlfriend sleeps with a retard, does it count as cheating?

Are you a retard?

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