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141 Do Animals Breathe?

Yes. Also, the word "breathe" was pronounced wrong. - IcetailofWishClan

142 My bf has not liked my picture on Facebook. Should I breakup with him?
143 How do animals have sex if they don't have a condom?
144 Where can I buy a liter of human female urine?

At Kmart

145 Do you like waffles, pancakes, or french toast?

I wonder, does anyone else know what I like, because I'm not sure.

Are they mutually exclusive?

I like all of the,


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146 How do I turn on a a light I just got on and it's on my floor not working?

The reason why it's not on is because you have no brain you can probobly buy one at the brain store

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147 My penis literally fell off?

R you sure you had one before

Get a doctor to stitch it back on your head - Ziffe

Are you a girl or a boy?

Sure it wasn't a dildo? - Mcgillacuddy

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148 How do you know someone is stupid?

First you hit them in the head, then you see if they come after you. If they don't they are stupid. If they do and you just stay put, congrats you are the stupid one, if you run from them, well it looks that you have a chance of surviving.

Aren't you being stupid right now? - cosmo

If they're exactly like you, you'll know.

How stupid are you

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149 Why is my poop green?

Did you ate shrek?

I don't think this is dumb, when people pass green stool it means they aren't digesting the food properly.

Who goes around posting these things?! I mean ask your mother! Or heck, ASK A DOCTOR!

Because you at kermit the frog

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150 How do you get spaghetti stains out of underwear?

Are you sure it's spaghetti stain?

He/She was probably eating spaghetti in his underwear? You never know!

So what your telling me is you got yourself some spaghetti with no pants just underwear yeah you got problems

It won't come out. If you want to avoid this situation again, try buying a table.

Get a hand full of spaghetti and stuff it down your pants

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151 Why is my friend being attitude?

Because you are emotion, your other friend is jealousy, so s/he didn't have a choice.

Maybe because you are to emotion.

Poor attitude... she's getting replaced by your friend

Go best friend That's my best friend

152 Why is Tom Wilton so hardcore?
153 Why did Edward steal my girl?

I'm confused are we talking about Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist or Edward from Twilight or some other Edward I don't know about? All these. comments are confusing me! Everyone is talking about different Edwards!

He never stole Winry. He doesn't even know who you are.

Because he lovers her? I don't know. Winry wasn't yours to begin with.


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154 Do you think there should be more movies made in your country?

Yes because big bird taught the hulk how to EXPLODE

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155 I am convinced that I am a potato.

If you potato you wouldn't typed this question by your fingers is ripped out of your body... Smug

Do you taste delicious? - Ziffe

Would you like copy's of your self? I want chips now.

I really want french fries now

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156 If dinosaurs where killers why don't we have no videos of them killing each other?

Because the dinosaurs wiped out all technology because they thought that the technology was a threat to them. so basically th dinosaurs killed the technology.

If you want a video so bad what didn't you make one huh

Because they killed Hollywood.

They were too shy.

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157 Why do dogs always lick their private parts?

Good question. Do you lick your private parts? I hope not. Use toilet paper instead

Well it is gross but its just what dogs do to stay clean and healthy

It's their form of masturbation and blow job. You should try it on yourself and tell me how it goes. - Mcgillacuddy

They do it to stay clean. - Catacorn

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158 If Sebastian = 5 is the earth rotating around America?

Only if the Earth is called Paul.

Only if America is eating pizza from Dunkin donuts and the earth is close to the sun and if your on the moon without a helmet

God you Americans, you think the Earth revolves around you!

Well since Sebastian means MorbidCannibalSlayer, the answer is no - TwilightKitsune

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159 "Who would win?"

Who would win what, you dummy.

Probably not you.

I think he means the animal fighting show and book

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

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160 What makes the sky so blue?

The ocean has no color... The light from the sun gets to the atmosphere at an angle and the other colors are scattered away from blue. Smaller angles are more red, yellow, and purple and larger angles are blue. It depends on the angle the light comes in the atmosphere from the sun.

The sky is black, the sun is yellow. If you mix the color black and yellow, you get blue?

Because the grass is already green and the sun is already yellow so it didn't have much of a choice

This is not really a dumb question

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