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161 What does Blossom mean?

That's not dumb. Maybe (s)he didn't know much English. Because (s)he wasn't English.

Exactly, this isn't dumb. Maybe she/he is a foreigner. Dumb Americans always expect everyone to know their language!

It means Commander and the leader. Watch PowerPuff girls - mayamanga

When a lot of flowers are on a bush

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162 My pregnant wife wants to eat her uterus, but we are vegetarians? Is it bad if she does?

How in the hell is she supposed to do that

Just stick a carrot in her vagina and she should be good to eat it.

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163 What is the best product for getting semen out of my cat's fur?

This isn't a dumb question - JaysTop10List

Use Armor All and Pine Sol - Mcgillacuddy

Shave your cat instead

Eww was your cat in the heat of the moment when you had sex?

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164 Ok, so how do I type using the keyboard on my lappy

Smack your head on the laptop first then type

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165 Can you have sex with flowers? If so can you impregnate them?

Yes I have sex once with a cactus but it felt...that I'm pr*ck now - CerealGuy

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166 Someone in our class is addicted to grass, flowers and cows, do you think he has a chance of getting a girl?

No. Cows aren't that attractive. Unless you're class is full of cows.

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167 How much of water is celery?

How much of celery is water?

This is not dumb at all - Jasonkiller112

168 What's Yahoo! Answers? V 2 Comments
169 Why is my shadow so annoying?

Its your long lost twin

You make it annoying.

You are secretly a groundhog

Because you are doing exactly what it's doing so you're annoying 2 - AggressiveBlaze

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170 Why is Wonderwall such a good song?
171 What's 9+10?

Where the hell is your teacher

Go to school then you would figure out the answer

I really hope your three years old. If not, your parents have failed you.

Have you went to school.

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172 Is Slash a wizard? V 1 Comment
173 If I dig down will I get to Australia?

No. You'll go to hell and burn. It would take about 4 years to work Non stop until you got past 1-4 layers.

Yes because Australia is hell and you'll end up there

If you eat a banana while doing it.

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174 Where's the best place to hide a body?

Take it to the police station they will gladly take the body...along with you - swagmaster97

Bury it or cut it into pieces and flush it down the toilet

This is from element animation on YouTube.

Under the floorboards

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175 Is the Black Sea actually black

It's black because it is used as the ink storage for the world, that's why the ink for your printer costs a fortune. - swagmaster97

Sure. It used to listen to a lot of Ice T gangsta rap music. It even makes rhythmic waves just thumping to the beat - Mcgillacuddy

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176 Where is Hitler buried at?

At the graveyard of dolphins.

In the ground

Why the hell would you want to know that? Wait, I don't wanna know.

In my backyard I bury all my heroes

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177 Why does the sun shine

Because it is covered with shiny noodles - Ananya

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178 Why are people stupid?

Because they're actually your long lost brothers and sisters.

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179 Why don't people try in life?

Lots of people try in life, but the main question is why don't you try in life?

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180 How do I live life?

You buy a hot dog, throw it in a fireplace that's not being used, wait until midnight to burn the dead body in your closet, eat six Tide washing detergent packets and sit on an open volcano. Then change your name to Potato, take a dump in Hawaii, and lick your lollipop. Wear a nametag that says Harold, and say a swear word 9 times while jumping on your right leg into a pool. You've lived life! - ellen791623

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