Top Ten Dumbfounded Answers Siri Should Have Given

You ask Siri any question but because Siri is now an arse, she would probably give you answers like these...

The Top Ten

1 Is there anything new happening now? - Well, you're asking and I'm answering and somewhere on the internet, some one has made a list on TheTopTens
2 Show me location for Argos. - Here, lemme ring a taxi for a minute... Oh wait, it turns out I'm not a GPS.
3 What's on Twitch right now? - Just a bunch of horny teenagers in the chat on a livestream featuring an attention seeking w*****.
4 Recommend me some movies I can watch - Sorry, I don't look like the person who tells which movies you should or shouldn't watch. I'm a phone, not a movie junkie.
5 What is the exact temperature of Venus? - Here, let me call NASA for a second.... Ok, it's too f*****g hot!
6 What's 9+10? - Do I really have to do this again?

No, Siri could overload with answers, being split between 19 and twenty-wan, and "tragically" break! - Turkeyasylum

+ 9

Do I have to explain further? 9+10=19 WHY THE HECK DO YOU THINK IT IS 21?

7 Search up Christopher Colombus? - He is an imposter and liar who made slaves and is somehow praised by fellow Americans. There is a reason why USA is hated by so many countries
8 What weather is it today? - Are you kidding me!? Go outside, just because I have the source of everything does not mean that it goes to lazy people!

Something to get you off your backside, even if it's raining. - PositronWildhawk

9 What time is it it the USA? - I don't know, go travel there, oh wait....

I reccomend that you don't travel there.

10 Where is the nearest cake shop? - Sorry to say but the cake is a lie.

The Contenders

11 What does pineapple mean - you think I'm that stupid, I'm not acting like an idiot you should know
12 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? - *Yawn* I think I’ve answered this before.
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